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Swordsmaster Fox-girl
Swordsmaster Fox-girl
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Beings that have attained unrivaled power with the sword.

They live, eat, sleep, and die with their swords.

Swordsmaster Nova was one such being, fated to die on the battlefield with his sword. However, one faithful encounter with the Hero's party changed his life forever.

He learned friendship,
And he learned how to love.

Yet, fate is cruel. In the final battle against the Demon king, he sacrificed himself so that his friends can escape.

Five years after his death, he is reborn as a baby; the grandson (and later, granddaughter) of an Otherworlder; a child of a prestigious Swordsmen family—with all his previous life's memories intact.

Will he spend his new chance at life like before, rolling around desperately on the battlefield?
Will he leave his past life behind and make new connections?
Will he try to contact his retired comrades?
Or will he do all of those above?

New chapter every 2-3 days
(GB will be in chapter 13)
NOTE: However much early chapters might lead you to believe otherwise, this is not a light-hearted adventure.

Old Cover art by Dotturndot. Check out his story here:

New Cover Art by @Purplehorn on Twitter (or X if you're a big dummy)

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    Status: 36 – (dis)engagement

    Censored addition it is I guess.

    This is, objectively, the worst story I have ever read, period. From great world building and likable characters, to major characters simply disappearing and tragic moments unintentionally becoming comedic. The story is really inconsistent with it's quality.

    The part that makes me seriously wonder........., is when an arc was spontaneously built up, only to be dropped at the very last minute because it was too boring. You'd think you would rewrite the arc, or rewrite the build up, retool it, or really, do anything with it, but nope. It would make a lot of sense if it was too much work...........................

    I have never read something quite like it, it's simply bizarre. It was a strangely enjoyable experience though, but I simply don't trust the author so I'll be dropping it.

    Rough quick list of more issues: Inconsistent power scaling, main character does not noticeably grow in power, main character does not noticeably weaken when weakened, sudden time skips, nothing happens in between time skips, dues ex machina gender bender, and the list goes on.

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    Status: 66 – bloodletting, heat hiding

    This use to have a higher rating, but the MC is now so pathetic. I might drop this in the future.

    This has good world building, but major characters simply disappearing and tragic moments somehow becoming comedic is just BS. The power scaling, arcs, and buildups is just inconsistent. 

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    Status: 20 - a reincarnator's swordsmanship should...

    Last edited: 14/10/2023

    Another great novel coming from APieceOfRock. It's much better than her previous works

    Edit on 14/10/2023: Although there's one awful arc that thankfully only lasted 10 chapters, my opinion is unchanged. This is a great story that everyone should read.

    Grammar/Style: The grammar is okay. I spotted some errors here and there, but they're mostly misspellings. I like the style (just my opinion though.) It reminds me of Korean novels which this novel very clearly takes inspriation from.

    Story: Not much so far. We're introduced to the world, Leinfall noble family, Nova's new Mom, her maid, and other minor characters. One thing this novel surpasses stormsmonarch in is its characters, or lack thereof. This actually plays in the novel's favor since the author can actually take time to develop the characters (which she did).I also like that we're slowly unraveling Nova's past life and how it affects her.

    There is something I want to address, and it's Nova's reaction to being GB'd. It took her like 4 paragraphs to calm down, but I think that it's intentional. I think that her identity as a Swordsmaster is more important to her than genders.

    Edit on 14/10/2023: the world and story is expending. I can only guess what awaits when the other continent arc comes.

    With that said, I read the other reviews and find them hard to understand. People seems to throw the term "torture pr0n" around without any care. Any misfortune I see the progronist encounter is justified since there's a clear reason behind it. I think people either skim through the story or don't give enough attention to details. 

    I think the consensus is that it something bad happens to the protagonist and there's no immediate gratification, it's torture pr0n. Even if the misfortune is reasonable and caused by the protagonist herself not thinking carefully before actin, it's torture pr0n

    I think that her way of pinsihing the protagonist for her action is much better than oh no the protagonist fought fiercely and now she's injured but don't worry because she'll be healed by the start of next arc

    Many people also complain about the character Dark which I also don't understand. We have an Arc that introduce the existence of demon lords relics. We have another arc that also has a relic of demon lords. Surprise surprise, a demon appears, and people still complains that it's out of nowhere.

    There's a nonsense with "the bad guys have no right being untouchable" which I don't agree with. That's reviewer is only at chapter 50~ so the bad guys are only 


    Herald and the demon. The demon Is powerful so she's untouchable



    Herald is a 9 star knight so of course he is untouchable


    Then ther s the so-called "Yuri baiting". Ice been in the author discord and patreon so I know that it's not yuri baiting. If they're referring to a certain dryad (druid?) Then I thought that she was a love interest, but the protagonist rejected her. She has a good reason to reject her (she's a fricking child)

    I think that the Alternate chapters are a bit too much but they're not canon. I don't use scribblehub to write bt I'm very sure there isn't an alternate chapter listening anywhere 

    World: Actually, we don't know much about the world as of right now and I think it's deliberate on the author's part. What we do know is that it's a vast world with many continents, with the threat of the demon kings being eliminated 5 years prior to the start of the story. There's dungeons and generic fantasy creatures like beast-kins. And there's also a big tower somewhere that grants a wish to anyone who reaches the top floor.

    Also we know that there are Otherworlders (from only Korea, Japan and China) and there presence is not really something rare. Oh, and only people with Otherworlders blood can have a system. As of now, the system isn't overbearing. It serves as a more visual notification than a thing you directly use to get stronger.

    Characters: I'll review Nova's character first, after that everyone else will be kept in a spoiler tag. I'll update this section as the story goes on.

    Nova: Our main character. Formerly Swordsmaster, she reincarnates into a baby boy. She then got GB'd (you know, like the GB tag might suggest). Her personality is a bit arrogant, but not too unbearable. I have a feeling that she'll get humbled one way or another. (I'll be disappointed if she doesn't. Pls author.)


    Hayan (Nova's new mom) : 

    She's sweet, caring, and sweet. Need I say more? Despite her abundance of screentime, her character still hasn't progressed beyond the caring and overprotective mother trope as of chapter 20.



    Ria (the head maid) : 

    She's sweet, caring, and sweet. Oh, and did I mention that she's loyal? Anyway, she isn't a copy of Hayan, which surprised me a lot. Also her character is definitely more developed than Hayan's which I don't know how to feel about. Spoiler for future chapters: In chapter 24 (which I read on the author's patreon), it was revelaed that Ria and Hayan are lovers. So yeah do whatever you want with this information. (If you want me to remove this part contact me author.)



    Ihwa (the protector also possible love interest idk) : 

    She's sweet, caring, and- okay, I shouldn't overuse this too much like the author overuses the "sweet" personality. Anyway, she isn't a copy of the two previous characters. Sure, she's sweet, but also very socially awkward. Oh, and did I mention that she actually acts her age (9 years old) ? 

    In the few chapters that I saw her, death flags kept popping up before my eyes. Yep, she's definitely going to die. Or is she? I don't know, I don't have access to the author's drafts.

    Anyhow, she can be a good foil to Nova if the author writes her correctly.



    Herald (the douchebag) : 

    Nova's dad. He doesn't appear until Nova is 5 years old which shows how much of a douche he is. The first thing he does when he saw her is test her potential. Anyway, abuse, forces himself on his 5th wife (Hayan), threatening his daughter (Nova). What a douche. Waiting to see his face get smashed in.



    Erza (the greedy blacksmith with morals?) : 

    Yeah so remember the "master blacksmith in a ruined shop" cliche? The author subverts this somewhat by making him greedy as hell. There's still the "test" that Nova has to pass to receive his service, but it's more of a power test than a personality test. Minor character, not much else to say. Wouldn't be surprised if he's being chased down by debtors and beaten half-dead.



    Hannah (the Alchemist) : 

    Ria's older sister. Snarky, hates nobles for some reason. That's all I know for now since she was only recently introduced in the patreon chapters. Will add more to this later.


    Now, for everyone's favorite part: The swords!


    Avaron, the mana-eating sword: 

    Apparently, she's an Archangel that got banished and sealed herself in Nova's sword to survive. She's rude as hell, insults Nova whenever possible, but I can tell that she cares about her. W-what? What's that? She's a tsundere? Oh no!
    Edit: Sword waifu!

    Jokes aside, her banter with Nova really adds flavor to the story. Non-important conversations with her only lasts 3 or 5 lines, so it's not disruptive to the story.

    (Psh! Avaron is also the main source of lore! She tells us more about Nova's past than Nova himself.)

    Okay, not really. She's basically just someone who provokes Nova into telling the story of his past for us, which feels more natural than any backstory or flashback sections I have ever read.



    Kirion, the blood-drinking sword: 

    Not much is known about him (edit: her, now). All he can do as of right now is vibrate (he would make a good vibrator ngl. I still think that he's the opposite of Avaron. Kind, loyal. Oh, and he's temporarily destroyed in recent chapters. Can't wait to have him back


    I know than I'm leaving out Fenris the Wolf, but I won't review him. He's basically a cardboard cutout that barely adds anything to the story (as of now at least.)

    OVERALL: Good story. Definitely MUCH better than the author's previous 2 fictions. I was a bit sad to see Storms monarch's release rate go down to 1/week, but this is a nice compensation. 


    Read More

    6 Likes · Like
    Status: all chapters read till latest

    f**king good sh*t! 

    I love the fact that author is actually a piece of rock,

    It is very rare nowadays to see a literal piece of rock 🪨 wrote a whole good novel.

    Also it contains GL and futa scene, well till now it has only been a dildo but you get addicted to this novel.

    But -!

    This story needs yandere for perfection! Even if one! It needs to get one!

    The Main character's sister has literal yandere features and it would be such a waste to leave her be!!!!! 

    AUTHOR'S MAKE A YANDERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    As an asteroid made of rock, I advise you listen to my request and get a yandere to this... You are my brethen as a little rock.

    I can see your potential as a rock in the future, a yandere is a stepping stone for you! Let's suck the readers dry of their views whahahahahahah!

    Read More

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    Status: volume i – leinfall of joy:...

    This may as well be a "How not to" since the writing very evidently falls into several not uncommon pitfalls.

    It links wish-fulfilment, torture pr0n and various other mistakes that may or may not be forgiven on their own but together they create a pandemonium.

    Forgetting a character and then killing them off, getting rid of another who has no use, forcing tragedy all around and caused by untouchable evil that has no business being untouchable. That's just the 'torture pr0n'.

    The 'wish fulfilment' which many baited and is kept dangling is of course the GB + Foxgirl + GL + Some cute scenes.

    These two together could only be forgiven if the drama was properly written and conveyed, it's neither though as is made apparent through the term 'torture pr0n' and evident by the examples. Forced drama is not good drama.

    If I had to compare it, it's similar to visual novels that bear the 'Nakige' tag (Cry Game) which happen to manipulate immature reader into believing that they are reading a well-written story. 

    This is facilitated by making characters likeable first and by using a quick pace of events, not everyone can stop and consider how much one is actually demanded to suspend their disbelief.

    Good stories aren't just interesting but also lack the author's touch, creating immersion. This one was barely interesting and utterly destroyed immersion at every point and turn.

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    Status: 23 – the vixen and the goose...

    it is a good story. I like the gender-bending part.

    Read More

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    Status: c92

    It started off fairly interesting.

    Then it devolved to just being a torture pr0n story, where the entire point of the story is "How much can the MC suffer?"

    If you're into those kinds of stories, and heavy yuri baiting, then this story is for you. If not, well.

    I was considering just slogging through the mentally inept MC part of the story until it got readable, but once I read through CH 89.5 my mentality shifted, because it was almost completely out of left field, with the story being tagged Girls Love & all. And, sure, it's non-canon, and it can just be skipped, but it's just... there. On the main chapter list. :/


    Also - from what is presented in the story (up to where I dropped it), it would seem to be a story where the MC is developing into a masochist and cuckold. No idea if that's accurate, but I'm not gonna continue reading sooo... avoid if you're not into that.



    Tho tbh - 2/5, personally.

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    Status: 22 – the vixen and the goose...

    Its good and you should probably give it a try. Since the story balance out things correctly. 

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ch24

    Unironically my favorite updating novel currently. Maybe I'll write a better review another day. All you need to know from me is that this story deserves attention and support.

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c38

    Beginning starts okay but after like 20 chapters it starts becoming more and more inconsistent. Starts becoming more and more lazy and well starts putting uninteresting and mainly fanservice characters. Anyways this story could be better if harem fix would happen, when it's not mainly female-focused story and there is more interesting male characters put in also would say more interesting female characters but this needs more male characters as it's so dry on em. Needs rewrites on several chapters cause characters are missing that should be in it mainly Fenrir as far as I saw also story seems to do really bad time skips and killing off characters in such a lazy way. (Prob cause male as far as I saw) didn't really notice any real world-building some might not agree but hey I didn't see anything. Too much fanservice and no deeper character (1 dimensional characters everywhere). Too much explaining need to drop that thing. (Not as bad as I had seen before while reading stuff but it's a really big flaw in many stories)  

    Read More

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