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Blood To-Go
Blood To-Go
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3.6 (90 ratings)
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John was an ordinary human, but when he slept and woke up again, he woke up in an unknown cave.

And while he was confused, something appeared in his vision, it was a totally red screen.

[Welcome to the system]

Mission 1 - Exit the cave safely.

Reward - 10 EXP, 10 GOLD

He was in a world he didn't know, with a huge bloodlust and didn't know how to get home.

Blood was the most delicious and precious thing to him now, when he first put the blood in his mouth for the first time, he imagined himself in paradise.

Our protagonist, a man named John, is now in the body of a woman named Blody, a vampire.

Follow your life disturbed by the system in this new world, an unknown system that only makes John's life worse.

Our protagonist will continue to suffer in this new world, looking for a way to return to his old body, but it will not be so easy with the difficulties he will suffer from this system and this new world.


ActionFantasyGender BenderGirls Love
Calm Protagonist Cold Protagonist Half-human Protagonist Humanoid Protagonist
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      New JabberWookie
      Status: chapter 43 – a vampire out of control.
      May 31, 2020

      Good story. Again needs a bit of editing but minor compared to the Elf story. This and the author's elf story are somehow more preferable to the Loli story so far. Wanna read more. *Spoiler* MC, Sindy and Larisa's characters are good and I wanna see more of them.

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      Status: inside a tree
      Apr 8, 2020

      While the story itself is okay, the setup is quite strange. But the most egregious novel is the strange grammar that the author uses.

      Moreover, the author doesn't seem to be making an effort to improve. When asked to perhaps considering a proofreader to make the novel more readable, the author replied with a flat 'never.'

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