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/ Series / The Grandbell Legacy
The Grandbell Legacy
The Grandbell Legacy
37.9k Views 413 Favorites 58 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 299 Readers
4.6 (18 ratings)
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Ci-ci Bell, an alias chosen out of necessity, has spent his entire life working toward a goal. And now, he stands on the greatest stage there ever was.

And yet, during his speech, he speaks words that shock the entire world.

Millions tune in every five years to witness the best genius of the last half decade bask in the glory of the Grandbell Award. But, for the first time in history, its recipient makes an enemy of the world with two simple words.


This is a harem novel, so be sure that you're okay with that before reading. As much as I could promise you that the harem members won't be 2D plot devices, everything is always up to interpretation.
However, what I can promise is that regardless of whether you enjoy harems or not, the plot of TGL will be gripping, exciting and interesting. If it helps, just pretend like the harem is just a side indulgence for my fellow pervs before we get to the real story, lol
(just to be clear, the harem will without a doubt give a purpose to each female I introduce into it. I just know that some people will rage regardless, so, I put this disclaimer here).


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ActionEcchiHaremMartial ArtsMatureSmut
Absent Parents Academy Artificial Intelligence Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Cold Love Interests College/University Confident Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Eidetic Memory Engineer Family Business Famous Parents Famous Protagonist Harem-seeking Protagonist Hiding True Identity
  1. Cataclysm (1)Mar 31, 2020
  2. Engagement Party (6)Mar 24, 2020
  3. Engagement Party (5)Mar 1, 2020
  4. Engagement Party (4)Feb 27, 2020
  5. Engagement Party (3)Feb 22, 2020
  6. Engagement Party (2)Feb 15, 2020
  7. Engagement Party (1)Feb 12, 2020
  8. Administration (2)Feb 8, 2020
  9. Administration (1)Feb 5, 2020
  10. Algood Police (3)Feb 2, 2020
  11. Algood Police (2)Jan 31, 2020
  12. Algood Police (1)Jan 27, 2020
  13. Deans (3)Jan 25, 2020
  14. Deans (2)Jan 18, 2020
  15. Deans (1)Jan 13, 2020
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      Status: cmaking it up (1)
      Dec 3, 2019

      After reading the first ~30k words currently released it's clear the story had a very promising start. The world setting is interesting, power is in the hands of families, poverty is a huge issue in certain zones and the mc's profession is sought after and has a strong impact in society. More importantly there are mysteryes to unravel, the main character is more than capable enough, the side characters are three dimensional, they have their own plans, objectives and/or connections. Another thing I liked about the story is that it touches different aspects of society (managment, law/justice, education, engineering, love, family). I am looking forward to reading about the various plans and schemes' progress in the future chapters.

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      Status: deans (2)
      Jan 18, 2020

      the story is extremely well written. It is interesting with mysteries around the MC. The support character seem well thought out but there were too few contacts until now to really decide. 

      though if you expect the story to keep to its tags, especially the harem, you will be disappointed. The MC may have more than one love interest. But so far he seems more interested in just playing them than having a real relationship. 

      he also shows typical playboy behavior and flirts with everything that is not male.

      he keeps everything from the girls, instead of bringing them in. That is not how you build a harem. 

      there was one thing which really seemed strange to me. I do not know if it is planned or just an effect of making it up on the go.


      The MC clearly has dissociative identity disorder. In the first few chapters, he wants to hurt the academy as much as possible by refusing the award (something about them ruining the legacy of his family). In later chapters, he invents a character to join the academy competition because he doesn't want the academy to lose face (because he can't let the academy lose face for his family legacy. But they already lost all face by him refusing the award k?).


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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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