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Beastborne (An Isekai LitRPG)
Beastborne (An Isekai LitRPG)
69.2k Views 1153 Favorites 66 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 829 Readers
4.4 (97 ratings)
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Book 1 of Beastborne is now published on Amazon (includes bonus content, new chapters, and more not on SH or Patreon).

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Lost in a world of magic and monsters, Hal fights to survive in a brutal land and escape execution from its rulers. He isn’t the first to arrive with Marked powers. Those Founders tamed parts of the world for their own, and refuse to welcome a new Founder.

Ingenuity and courage won't be enough to deal with all the goblins, bandits, undead, dragons, and everything else that hunts him and his friends.

He’ll need to risk his humanity by embracing the beast to wield monstrous magic. Once he levels up first that is, and turns from cowardly prisoner to brave adventurer.

Follow Hal and his party’s journey of dungeon crawling, settlement building, spell-slinging adventure as they carve out a bastion in the wilds. Freedom and safety is hard-won, and cannot be achieved alone. Only by forging bonds with fellow adventurers and monster allies does Hal and his would-be-kingdom have any hope of surviving the hazardous realm.

Things to expect: Weak to Strong MC, No Harems, Kingdom Building, Party Combat & Mechanics, Spellsword MC, Crafting, Multiple PoVs from Heroes & Villains.

Release Schedule: Monday - Friday, 5 chapters per week.

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Note: Only the first 5 chapters of Book 1 are available here
Disclaimer: It is my intention that, once completed, each book will be professionally edited, heavily tweaked and improved to be published on Amazon through Kindle Unlimited. Books will often be considerably longer than here and include new/different chapters.

Those changes are not published here. What is posted is considered a rough draft.

Ability Steal Adventurers Artifacts Clan Building Clever Protagonist Coming of Age Corruption Crafting Dragons Dungeons Elves Fantasy Creatures Game Elements Guilds Half-human Protagonist Kingdom Building Leadership Level System Lucky Protagonist Magic Magic Beasts Mob Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Sword And Magic Transported into a Game World
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      New naknuknik
      Status: chapter 71
      Jun 17, 2020
      The novel is decent.I will criticise what I personally didnt like as that is more useful in my opinion.
      1. Character Inconsistency:One moment the main character only wants to survive, another he transforms into Jesus' 2nd coming becoming the definition of self sacrifice. One moment hes thinking its unfair to kill a creature under his control even if its mindless and another hes contemplating how empowering it would be to have armies of the creatures to battle to theyr deaths in his place much like an RTS. One moment hes undertaking an obviously deadly quest with mortal implications for the sake of of getting shelter for others and another moment later he mentions how it was only planned as a "fun little adventure" as if the dangers werent in his face obvious.I can ramble one but I think the point is clear:protagonist flips between different persobalities without any rhyme or reason (to my eyes). This can be also seen in other characters to a lesser degree (specifically Elora).
      2. Forced development:This ties into the previous point but let me elaborate. Throughout the story there were moments when I felt like there was a plan for the future development but no plan for a tie-in with the present. Its like theres a cool scene or battle planned for the future but the way to get there is barely spared a thought. An example of this and why I think its tied to the previous point would be the coffin district incidents initial "reason" for happening - that is finding shelter for a group the protagonist wants to take care of (the leadership moments are also a bit of a stretch but not as big of an issue) because he just can't leave them out there and yet hes later stating multiple times how it was just an adventure. (Not to mention the fa t that he was all ok with sleeping in the comfort of a soft inn bed without sparing a thought towards the group sleeping outside just a few hours after putting in effort and getting angry at nobody wanting to take them in.) The reason for some plot developments feel almost as unreasonable as the jap anime fanservice moments.
      There are minor problems but this review has grown longer than I initially planned, so I wont go into detail:the ridiculous duration of some falling moments, treants being able to see in the air (and reacting to it during another rather stretched moment of air sailing) while we just found out they see using a skill that only sees things in contact with other plants, same treant having a far higher reaction time than the aforementioned skill should allow, some battles are hard to follow, dodging things you are only told the direction of while blind and deaf (dodging something coming from your "left and behind" by ducking without knowing how low the qttack is), using words that break flow because you have to google them (got better with time, probably used to give an impression or an experiment from the author during earlier chapters), etc. The minor issues are not as big an impediment though.
      P.S. The usual disclaimer applies. This is a review made by a reader and as such is my personal biased opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 21
      Dec 13, 2019

      Give this story a try, you won't be disappointed. Seriously, I can't wrap my head around why this story isn't more popular yet. It's a crime how overlooked it is.

      Stick with it longer than the first chapter, the pacing picks up. No info dumping here either, pieces of the lore are given throughout the story, done in such a way you just wana know more.

      The litrpg elements are slowly introduced, yet the systems here aren't shallow. Good blend of portal fantasy and litrpg, the main character comes to grips with his situation quicker than many other stories.

      The personality of the side characters are just as vivid as the main character, like living, breathing people. From the descriptions and dialog, their personalities and emotions jump out at you with surprising clarity.

      I hope the author keeps writing this, highly recommend.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 105
      Apr 9, 2020

      Great story overall, a bit of a slow start but still captivating. Amazing world that we've only seen a fraction of, and well thought out characters that are actually logical and imperfect. Cant wait to see what comes in the future for hal and his party!

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 93
      Mar 23, 2020

      This story starts off slow but don't worry it will build to be magnificent. The author put in a lot of thought into this and it is very well done. Also now that most people are home this is a great story to binge.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 31
      Dec 26, 2019

      Excellent story, great world, great characters.  Totally worth reading.  Instantly binge-read all the chapters available at once.  7/5, definitely recommend.

      More chapters in, and still going strong.  The character growth is pretty OP, but the danger and legit-life-threatening battles are even more OP.  The other characters actually have lots of, well, character, and relevance.

      Still eager for every chapter release, easily one of the best webnovels on all my lists.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 109
      Apr 15, 2020

      Beastborne is one of my favorite books to read currently, the World building is incredible and the characters feel very realistic, to the point where I could honestly see them as being real people.

       The start is a bit slow but once Hal and the gang get to Murkmire the story really picks up, also Chocobos.



      I'm still in denial about Giel's death and am half hoping for a deus ex machina to bring him back and half hoping he stays dead cause character development.

      I'm really hoping we don't get "Giel's twin brother who also want to be an adventurer and somehow has the exact same skill set" as a warrior/tank for the party, even if it makes sense through author magic.

      I'd rather Hal gets a revival item/spell or Noth gains something like a reverse reap, considering what we know about how death works, I could see a founder spell/forbidden experiment being able to revive the dead if you have their soul, and Giel protecting the party in soul form somehow would feel touching and fit in my opinion.

      Whatever route the author takes though, I'll still be reading, and above all else this is their story, not mine.


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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 106
      Apr 10, 2020

      It has an amazing world building, of which we just have seen a small part, and the characters are well defined. 

      It has kinda a slow pace at the beginning, but it’s worth it! Not sure why this novel is not one of the top ones.. 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 97
      Mar 28, 2020

      This story is what I want to see when I start reading a LitRPG. It's got real characters that grow and evolve and the side characters are partying with the MC for believable reasons, instead of just being cliches personified. The powers grow fast, but always believable and never enough to crush their opponents. But the enemies are real and all the details you need are given to you without being unbelievable.

      If you want a story that hooks you and leaves you wanting more and personally attached to the characters then read this story.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 96
      Mar 28, 2020

      Creative, well thought-out litrpg elements, relatable fleshed-out characters who actually grow through out the story, as well as a pretty good story flow. Im really loving this so far, hoping it keeps going for a long time.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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