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/ Series / Not Your Fantasy Girlfriend
Not Your Fantasy Girlfriend
Not Your Fantasy Girlfriend
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Gemma Tran has only one regret about the day she died: she should've been reading a better fantasy book.

Then again, it's not like she knew that she'd be transported into the world of that trash medieval fantasy book in her afterlife. Or that she'd be in the body of Aurelia Morrell, who's feisty, gorgeous, talented... and set to die tonight.

Only Gemma's not letting Aurelia/herself die. One painful death experience is good for her, thanks. She knows every plot point in the series, so it can't be that hard to run far far away and escape her fate... right?

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Cowardly Protagonist Dense Protagonist Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Magic Parody Satire Subtle Romance Sword And Magic Transmigration Transported into Another World
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