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/ Series / Under the Yellow Lights
Under the Yellow Lights
Under the Yellow Lights
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In another realm, a society exists which is similar to our current day society, with the main difference being humanity has gained contact of other entities residing in other realms, and have found a mean of traveling between realms.

No longer bound to a physical world, humanity as we know it, along with its values, are subject to rapid change. A human is no longer bound to interacting with solely its own kind.

Mazaka, a 16-year-old male, embarks on his own journeys to explore places beyond earth. With the technology being relatively new, there are few travelers to other realms, with Mazaka being the first generation of inter-realm relations. He works in a cafe there.

Through the cafe, Mazaka is exposed to a wide spectrum of entities, along with the culture they bring. On one peculiar night, Mazaka just so happens to meet an entity that leaves a lasting impression on him.

The story embarks on a journey on re-discovering our own humanity, seeing things from a spectator's perspective. No longer will interactions between entities hindered by cultural differences and social pressure. What will happen in the event where there is nothing to inhibit or guide a person's actions?

Important Notice!:

[ This series is republished at RoyalRoad under an author of the same name. I am the same person for both authors, and it is not intellectual property theft. Here is the link to my profile on RoyalRoad ]
[ Updates on the RoyalRoad site are going to be slower than on this site, Scribble Hub, due to the stringent content checks and heavy enforcement on intellectual theft. ]
[ Uploads on RoyalRoad are suspended for the meantime ]

AdventureFantasyRomanceSci-fiSlice of LifeSupernatural
Cooking Lost Civilizations Multiple POV Multiple Realms Multiple Timelines Music Time Manipulation Transmigration Transplanted Memories World Hopping World Travel
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