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/ Series / Reincarnated Hero Kills the Summoner
Reincarnated Hero Kills the Summoner
Reincarnated Hero Kills the Summoner
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Power Levels , System and Points

Everyone uses Magic or Skills or Both.

You get a magic point every Level.

You get a skill point every 5 Levels.

Levels - 

Level 0 - Normal Human with no Magic or Skill

Level 1-9: Apprentice 

Level 10-19 : Novice

Level 20-29 : Expert

Level 30- 39 : Master

Level 40 - 49 : Legend 

Level 50 - 59 : Beginner Demi-God ( Start comprehending a law of magic ) Can use Pseudo Divine Magic 

Level 60 - 69 : Low Demi-God 

Level 70 - 79 : Mid Demi-God

Level 80 - 89 : High Demi-God

Level 90 - 99: Peak Demi-God / Half Step God 

Level 100+ : God ( Complete comprehension of a type of magic and becoming a God of that magic )  Can use Divine Magic that can bend the laws of the world to your wish.


Destruction God System - 

Shop - Can buy Magic Books and Equipment from the magic shop with gold from the real world.

Certain Items and Magic can only be bought by completing specific tasks.

Magic and Skill Explanation

Magic - 

You can learn magic through magic books you can absorb, through bloodlines and innate magic you are born with.

You can also combine magic you already have to create new magic.

Magic Upgrades every 10 levels into a stronger form of magic.

Practicing Magic would result in learning attacks, attacks will level up with the base magic they are derived from.


Skills - 

You can learn skills through practice only.

Skills completely max out at Level 10 

Skill Drain -

You can only drain levels from enemies that you kill that are 10 levels higher than you.

At Level 1 you can only drain 10% of the levels.

At Level 2 you can drain 20% of the levels.

At Level 100 you can drain 100% of the levels.

Destruction God's Intimidation - 

This will intimidate and suppress everyone below your level completely, and the people above your level will have a varying range of suppression but won't be completely immobilized.

At Level 1 - Suppresses 5% of the power of people above your level. It completely suppresses people below your level.

At Level 2 - Suppresses 10% of the power of people above your level. It completely suppresses people below your level and forces them to kneel.

At Level 3 - Suppresses 15% of the power of people above your level. It also makes them afraid of you subconsciously as a primal instinct of fear towards a God. It completely suppresses people below your level and they can't physically move at all.

At Level 4 - Suppresses 20% of the power of people above your level. Destabilizes their soul and decreases their resistance to mental attacks.It makes people below your level see you as their worst nightmare , and their soul will start cracking and break and thus killing them if exposure is prolonged.

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      Status: chapter 31 – holy flame magic
      Dec 12, 2019

      Great story.. 

      MC meet many woman and good to know every woman he met and work for him doesn't falling in love to him cause he's op and also a hero (not like usual isekai story)  

      And the most important part is MC isn't beta dense character

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c37
      Apr 27, 2020

      The start was interesting then it was just decent for a little while until volume 1 ended. 

      volume 2 did a great job and the quality is way better, so that is good.

      Volume 1 is about 3 stars and Volume 2 is about 4 stars.

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like Permalink
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