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/ Series / Dungeon Apocalypse: Dragon Cosmos
Dungeon Apocalypse: Dragon Cosmos
Dungeon Apocalypse: Dragon Cosmos
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Ciara O'Connor is a terminally-ill Biology professor whose life is upended when she's transformed into a dungeon as her city is devastated by a nuclear weapon at the outset of World War Three.

Her memories and personality remain, but Ciara's nature isn't what it once was. Shy and introverted as a human, Ciara experiences savage hunger and murderous urges following her evolution. With her spirit guide Sven, Ciara learns about her daunting new reality while coming to terms with the humanity she's lost.

Joe Schimpf, a US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, was on leave, fishing the coast north of the city the morning the war turned global.

With his best friend Mike Elliott, Mike's son Michael Elliott, and Michael's childhood friend Rihelah Najibi, Joe searches for his wife, Anna. Along the way, they meet Ciara's students Siobhán Killarney and Joy Peterson as they brave raiders and radiation, deep inside the blast zone.

Enter a daunting universe ruled by Dragons and their kin. Earth will never be the same.

Chapters will typically be 2500 words.

The release schedule is one chapter per day, Monday-Friday.

This novel contains harsh language, war, romance, gore, fantasy species, traumatic content, animal maulings, LitRPG elements, and suggestive sexual scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

Adventurers Apocalypse Beasts Caring Protagonist Character Growth Criminals Cruel Characters Dungeon Master Dungeons Fantasy Creatures Immortals Insects Multiple Protagonists Ruthless Protagonist Survival Wars
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Table of Contents
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    New aidan_lo
    Status: chapter 17: clean-up operation

    Story's great so far. 

    post apocylyptic world, dungeon is getting their relationship with humans started :) we'll see how it goes. 

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