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/ Series / The Child of Love and Hatred (former version, so HIATUS)
The Child of Love and Hatred (former version, so HIATUS)
The Child of Love and Hatred (former version, so HIATUS)
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A normal school day on its end. A young man by the name of Ciaran suddenly drops dead under the eyes of his little sister along with some other students and a teacher because of the mistake of a god.
He wakes up in the body of a Gifted baby sharing his name, in an unknown world sharing some similarities with Earth. But his fate is not a pretty one. Led by poverty and a lacking sense of mother-ship, his new mother abandons him to the hands of peculiar slavers. But Ciaran's Gift is not an ordinary one, and from the pain and humiliation of countless experiments, his will becomes set in stones. He will go back to his old world, take care of his orphaned sister, and finally start a new relationship with the woman who haunts his heart. No. Matter. What.
Meanwhile, his classmates slowly learn to live in this new world, and hidden powers are scheming a new future that doesn't only concerns this estranged world.

I put the "sexual content" warning not because it's a ero-novel but because I plan something special for the 69th so better be safe than sorry.
Though the warnings for gore and strong language aren't there just for the show. Especially the gore part. Ciaran has a gruesome past and lives a gruesome life.

The release schedule is set for 1 chapter every day with a break at the end of each week. Might change depending on how my creative side is feeling, though I'm quite serious on this wn. Will probably change the release schedule once I go back to school but that's for september.
Comments and (constructive) reviews are warmly welcomed!

Also published on

Cover made by myself.
Better res available here:

Overpowered Protagonist Parallel Worlds Protagonist Strong from the Start R-15 Reincarnated into Another World Ruthless Protagonist Special Abilities Sword And Magic Torture
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