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/ Series / The Witcher and His Huts
The Witcher and His Huts
The Witcher and His Huts
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When he was obsessed with the world of fantasy, Roger accidentally traveled to a plausible world. Here, the legendary monsters actually exist. They disguise themselves among the crowd and become a part of this world. Starting from a deserted island, Roger learns how to face this weird and dangerous world, with his little cheat like powers which gives him an advantage over others, but God's tricks are unpredictable. Hence, the thing which really received God's blessings wasn't himself but his house.
So let's see how Roger deals with every kind of monster, ghost, and demon while finding different types of houses all over the world...

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Update 2 Chapter/Day.

Alchemy Antihero Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Cheats Clever Protagonist Dark Demons Ghosts Magic Mystery Solving R-18 Sword Wielder System Administrator Weak to Strong Witches
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 34. a new incident

    Author needs a proofreader and some editing for the early chapters, I'm not going to continue so I can't comment about the more recent chapters.

    The concept is interesting (maybe? Not sure I understand it all), but the story feels like MTL, and is hard to understand. Verbs don't always fit, pronouns change every other sentence (MC refers to himself as us and you in thought? Really?), and author confuses inner monologue and dialogues every so often, making for a subpar reading experience...

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    Status: c56

    Pretty good if forced cliche semi incest romance wasn't here, but since it is here, 2 stars. If you don't mind japanese boobfall levels of story writing, you will enjoy this.

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