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/ Series / Saintess Summons Skeletons
Saintess Summons Skeletons
Saintess Summons Skeletons
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4.8 (245 ratings)
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Who needs a Hero? I only want skeletons!

She wanted to be a Necromancer, but awakened as a Saint! Somehow her summoned heroes are all undead?
How will the church react when their Saintess summons a skeleton in place of a mighty hero? Sofia isn’t too keen on finding out.
Chapters 4-100 had to be removed to satisfy Kindle Unlimited's exclusivity clause.

You can find book one on Amazon:

Body Tempering Demons Female Protagonist Gods Level System Magic Necromancer Saints Summoning Magic Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 100

    It's a well written story that's easy to follow, no complicated or convoluted grammar. The author successfully makes a dark theme like necromancers and skeletons lighthearted and fun to read. It's very hard to predict what will happen next and the author has planned far ahead, so things that happen early actually affects the story long down the road. This helps a lot with the world building, and I'm a sucker for a well built world.

    Let's not forget to mention the unique skill system the MC has, it's fun to try to see what she'll make of it, or break with it :) The litrpg is very simple, don't expect attribute point and similar, it's based mostly around levels and skills.

    This is reviewed further ahead than SH has chapters for now, and so far author has kept a 1 chapter per day schedule for new chapters. Frequent updates are always a plus.

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    Status: chapter 31 – filters

    Honestly, I'm really liking the story so far. It feels well written and has a good identity to separate it from all the other stories out there. I like the characters that have been introduced so far and the way they are portrayed. Currently there is no overly depressing things or psychological issues and it doesn't seem to be heading that way either and I hope it stays away too personally :P I also do hope it keeps a good release schedule going forward currently is dropping chapters like crazy but that might just be back stock of chapters so hopefully if it slows down we still get a couple a week at least. Also Thanks for the story Author I'm totally looking forward to reading more of the story!!!!

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    Status: c185 - fizzling out

    TLDR: a SOLID read. The world, characters, and RPG system are all clearly well thought out and developed without being over-bearing. The action is fairly limited in the beginning but there isn't a ton of fluff like you'd expect. Instead, the MC's actions in the beginning before she starts being able to summon undead warriors are actually thoughtful and helpful and payoff in a satisfying way. When there isn't action, you get plenty of interesting world-building (with absolutely zero info dumps). When the characters do something reckless they acknowledge it, learn from their mistakes, and then actually adjust their behavior and actions. Also, they thoughtfully build out their skills and abilities, just like someone would if they were building a character in any RPG. If someone in the story is OP, its because they grinded to a super high level, not because they got some god-tier skill when they were still level 1.

    I legitimately made an account just to write this review. This story is truly a hidden gem - I'm glad it shows up in "Trending" (at least as of this review) and I hope more people discover it so the author is motivated to post more chapters. I binge-read the 185 chapters posted as of this review in less than a week.

    The world: completely believable and feels like its been lived in. There aren't many info dumps and you generally learn more about the world as the MC progresses in the story, visiting other countries and landscapes.

    The RPG system: actually balanced. MC does not get some crazy OP skill right at the beginning. Everyone in the entire world thinks about and plots out their skill set, just like one would when building a character. When the MC wins, she wins because she put forethought into her battle plan and laid the groundwork for her victory by playing to her strengths and compensating for her weaknesses, just like you would when playing an actual RPG. When she does get anything OP it's because she's thoughtfully combined things to stack in ways that complement each other (eg "Hey, could this rune augment this skill? What if I did this combination of ______ and _______ instead?"). That or she uses her skills in a creative way after having messed around with it in an attempt to master it. In other words: she actually struggles. And the power creep is likewise believable and manageable.

    Also, there aren't a ton of huge status screens - sure, you see it every once in a while, but it's more there to act as a refresher on what the MC can and can't do. It's not very obtrusive and when you do see it, it doesn't take up too much space - also, the system forces the characters to have a limited set of skills and abilities that they can, and do, replace with others as they level up. So, nobody has like 200 different skills, spells, abilities, etc like you see in some litRPG stories (I'm looking at you, "So I'm a Spider so What?")

    The characters: well thought-out and have distinct history and personalities that come across in the dialogue, which is VERY difficult to pull off. And it's all done without any sort of weird accent to set them apart, either. The way the dialogue is written the different cadences, nuances, and mannerisms of each character come across easily in how they speak.

    Also, the relationship between the MC and her main friend is also believable. Their back and forth good-natured ribbing of one another is what you'd expect from a couple of friends who are like sisters (which at times was annoying, but only because two young women would actually behave and talk the way they do in the story). My only complaint would be the one or two times the MC (who is a beautiful, tall busty blond, which, admittedly, does clash with the whole necromancer vibe) makes fun of her friend for not having giant breasts. I really wish I could avoid that cliched trope just ONCE when reading a litRPG book now. Maybe subvert the trope by having the less busty girl make fun of the super busty one for a change - "No wonder your melee skills are terrible and your stamina is so low - you literally can't swing a weapon to save your life and your lower back must be killing you all the time, you freak."

    The author does a great job of showing the MC actually thinking things through, weighing pros and cons, especially when choosing her skills and upgrades. There are a few times she starts something (like a dungeon dive or trying to kill a monster), sees she's obviously in over her head, and stops because she realizes she has to level up to have a chance at success. And then she actually comes back and does it at one point with a really big dungeon that looks like it will end up being a key plot-point. And it isn't "Ahahah, I'm so OP this dungeon is a breeze. Bow before Melon Lord!" Instead, even after her level-up she still has to thoughtfully go through the place because it is still a big challenge for her.

    The story: at first, it's extremely personal - about the MC escaping from her imprisonment and forced work - but it gradually widens in scope as you learn more about the people and organization that had imprisoned the MC and how they fit into the larger world. Again, the widening scope happens at a manageable and believable pace.

    My one critique would be there are parts of the MC's history that you kindof have to piece together from small mentions here and there that made it sound like the author was getting ready to do some kind of big reveal a chapter or two later but then changed their mind (as a completely made-up example that isn't from this story but along the lines of what I'm talking about: "But he knew he could never play music ever again because of.... 'I will never think of that place ever again!' he hissed." and then no mention of it again for like 10-20 chapters). Sure, I actually much prefer to pick up breadcrumbs here and there instead of a HUGE info dump but maybe have a scene where the MC actually lays out her past at one point after laying the groundwork. The story starts when she is 19 years old, so you don't really get a sense of what her childhood was like, but it's alluded to a number of times. The problem, though, is that the things from her past end up becoming a fairly big plot point, influencing one of her eventual long-term goals in the story, while also setting up a big part of the overall world as well, and I'm still not really sure I have it correct, but maybe I wasn't paying attention and missed it.

    Action: the action is a bit sparse in the beginning because the MC is genuinely so weak due to her class. Once she starts to actually summoning undead it gets better, but still doesn't hit it's stride for a while. At times it felt like I was reading a summary of a fight or battle instead of experiencing it, which was a bit vexing since one of the tags on the series is "Action." I almost dropped it because of that alone but it did get better and I'm not sure if this was planned out or based on feedback the author got but I'm happy all the same.

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    Status: chapter 175 – taking a stance

    'came looking for copper and found Mithril', It is that kind of deal for me coz I literally just stumbled upon this gem expecting to give up after reading 1-2 chs due to disinterest, but boyyy did I get hooked and that also when it was well past midnight no less, so yeah I binged it and just saw I had yet to 5 star it, so this is nothing but me praising some good stuff, lol, did you expect some analysis haha. 

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    Status: chapter 146 – glutton

    4. Something Stars [Round Down]  (Made a chapter 146) (At the time of writing that chapter isn't available on scribble but I won't be spoiling anything)

    Saintess Summons Skeletons is a lot of fun. I was bit hesitant in the early chapters, but I do like the story a lot. It's a lot fun, neat MC and supporting case, Not sure what the end goal of the story is, but there are a couple of currently ongoing story threads which are all fun, so things for the future of the story seem to positive. 

    Power wise, Necromancy + Saint mix are a fun combo. It has a system, which has its own fun. Kind of broken, with (scribes) trying to fix things for the MC. And the MC is strong but not overpowered (well she is probably a lot stronger than people at her level), but this is a lived in world and there are so many people many mountains stronger than her, which keeps the the world intresting. Speaking of the world, the world building has been intresting and I'm curious to see how that develops. Currently just giving it a 4, but probably bump it up to a five if it keeps the quality to the two hundred chapter mark. 

    [Update] I've read over 200+ chapters now, and its still good. And I'm enjoying the current arc, and I'm looking forward to future stuff.

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    Status: chapter 320 – flying too close

    I'm so glad I found this gem of a story. I love everything about it, but my two favorite things are the heartwarming found family storylines and the fluffy edgelord MC that is just right without going into cringe.

    Great job Mornn!

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    Status: chapter 271 – the furious old dragon...

    A really fun take on the fantasy-system genre. Great writing and interesting story, perfect for a casual read to binge read.

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    Status: chapter 265 – Madness 2

    A solid five stars! I can't claim that this is one of my all-time-favorites, but it still is a greatly captivating story with well written characters. 

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    Status: chapter 293 – too much information

    I have to confess, I have never written a scribble-hub review before this. But this story compelled me to make an account solely for the purpose of doing so. 

    In short, if this review counts in any way towards whether or not you read this story. Please do. I enjoyed it / am enjoying it very much. To the extent that I subbed on Patreon for the first time ever to a written work. 

    This is one of the best stories on this site. It is funny, interesting, and with a novel magic system I couldn't have come up with. 

    Its not perfect, there are dryer moments, as you might expect from a 290+ chapter story. But overall I cannot recommend this story enough. 

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    Status: ch398 - Take a Hike

    Excellent story overall that I recommend reading. Great worldbuilding, decent character building that doesn't feel shallow at all, the world exists beyond just the MC's interactions with the setting. Fresh take on how the (System) works, which makes it feel less like plot armor because developments get explained properly (and it being completely accessible to EVERY single other person in the world). Also, powerups have a fair enough amount of foreshadowing and explanation so it feels relatively justified and reasonable, espcecially when all other people of the world similarly grow just as strong or stronger (just at a different rate).

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