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Clone Girls
Clone Girls
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Ticia was just your average orphan who registered into the military to get out of her life of absolute misery. Or so she thought. The military might have been the worst choice. Still, she carried on amidst that world for years now. But then, in that world full of corruption and discrimination, Ticia just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time by pure coincidence.
As a result, she is left for dead in a strange abandoned facility in the middle of nowhere…
But as she questions her life in this world, the old facility comes back to life.
Now, she has to adapt to the changes around her and take her responsibilities into her own hands if she wants to protect herself and the new lives created inside this old facility.

Author's note:
This is my first time writing and posting a story, so please take care of me.
English is not my first language, so in case I do errors, don't hesitate to point them out! I'm open to criticism too!
I hope you will enjoy the story!

I will try to release a new chapter for Clone Girls every week, however, I might not be able to because of IRL work.

Also, here's my discord if you want to chat wih me!

Academy Army Army Building Artificial Intelligence Childcare Clones Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Genetic Modifications Girl's Love Subplot Kingdom Building Late Romance Leadership Loyal Subordinates Military Multiple POV Orphans Protagonist Strong from the Start Ruthless Protagonist Soldiers Wars
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 40

    I've been enjoying this book. The author does a good job writting conversations between characters and following logical progressions of thoughts so no actions really feels out of place, even if seems like it would be off logically, because the way they describe things and keep the characters emotional state in mind. I only really have 2 issues with the book, the first being completely personal problem I have with too many important characters and the second being the plot armor / overly amazing individual feel I get.


    The first issue is that there are too many characters (10+) with too similar names to keep track of anything. The focus on developing this characters is something I love, but its hard to keep any of the actual characters straight. I feel like I need to take notes if I want to understand who is talking or what is being conveyed to who and why, and I often found myself going back to older chapters to check if names lined up, which makes it harder to focus on the characters developing, which seems to be the butter of this book so far. Also because theres so many characters it takes so much time individualize all of them, simply because there is more. The other issue is combat. It feels as if I'm watching someone play a first person shooter. They rush in, defeat endless waves of enemies without any lasting effects or worries about simple things like ammo or stamina or enemy bullets or the blast effects of explosives, and then after murdering hundreds of soldiers at a time single handedly, they go home to play and train. And the main character is that first person shooter, and there is no one else on her superhuman impossible feat level in the world except her only friend who trained with her......... so its not something genetic specific, and anyone can train to that level, yet no one is fighting on that level despite every govt. wanting the main characters slice of home. That might change later, but it doesn't change the fact that the realism of fighting just isn't there.


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    Status: chapter 24

    I like the story, but there are too many perspectives and characters. In my opinion that makes the story slow and boring sometimes, but it is still solid.

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    Status: chapter 76: the 75th floor

    Good stuff.

    This is one of those mysterious origins type of story in space, with character development. The title should say the rest.

    What I am having a really hard time with is remembering each of the main characters. Having important characters in the double digits... I don't think it was a good choice, especially with similar names. That is probably the biggest flaw of this story.

    Also, more space fight pls, and I mean roman style ship invasion or smth. Too bad that I don't think the story will stear in that direction any time soon.

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