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Summoning the Mekhanites
Summoning the Mekhanites
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During the collapse of the Mekhanite Empire in 1000 BCE, the lands that had survived the devastating War of the Flesh were left ravaged by interpersonal conflict, betrayal, and suffering. Asia Major was gone. The lands of the Levant and Fertile Crescent look next to follow. Anatolia was teetering on a thin line between stability and destruction. The Aegean Sea ran red with the blood of Sarkics, Daevites, and Mekhanites alike. The Balkans were barely holding on, and ethnic groups were divided into war. And all that was left of Greece's once proud cities were rubble, broken statues, and burnt bodies.

Yet during this time, a storm brewed over the lands of the Mekhanites. Too busy fighting among themselves to notice, with a flash of lightning, everything changed for them. Their world was summoned to another. Once they were able to get back under their feet somewhat, they began to meet with the local factions of this new world, create new alliances, and cement themselves into it until they were able to get home. If they could at all. What world were they summoned to? How would it change? What could change? And what would happen once it did?

Based on the web novel series "Nihonkoku Shoukan", or "Summoning Japan" in English, this work of fanfiction seeks to see what would happen if the Mekhanite Empire from the SCP Multiverse was sent to the New World of Summoning Japan, what would happen afterward, and how things would change. Will the Mekhanites be able to find a new home in this world? Or will they meet the same fate as the enemies that they had felled?

Nihonkoku Shoukan (Summoning Japan)
Adventurers Alternate World Army Army Building Crossover Dragon Riders Dragon Slayers Dragons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Gate to Another World Multiple Transported Individuals Scientists Soldiers Transported into Another World Wars
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