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Fallen Embers
Fallen Embers
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Mana has Awakened
The Modern world always thought that pollution would kill them, but sadly they were wrong.......
Monsters of Myths and Legends from Nightmare to Fantasy are here to play........
An ordinary schoolboy that only wanted to pass his math test...
In a world filled with Embers......
"Why must we face nightmares if we only wanted dreams."
Will they succumb to death from a world against them
"Monsters may be stronger, but we will remain unbroken.!"
Or maybe they will turn the tide in the war against their world...
"Even if the world is only Embers, my magic!"
Find out if you dare to read...
"Will be our Salvation!

Apocalypse Charismatic Protagonist Clingy Lover Crazy Protagonist Cultivation Dungeons Magic Yandere
Table of Contents 16
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Table of Contents
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