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Seventh Sanctum
Seventh Sanctum
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Three hundred years after the Splintering, the founding nations of Kagreth divided into fourteen interconnected landmasses. Their cities were built atop the ruins of old, and despite the loss of centuries worth of culture and the genocide of over a hundred unique sentient species, the world moved on, unfettered by thousands of unmarked graves past.

With the greatest threat to the world, Exar'ad-heuld, constrained by the Divine Eden of Solaith, the continent entered what could be considered its first time of peace. But fate had other plans.

Alongside the rebirth of Haven, a cult of devout Exar-acolytes, a plan has gone underway to tear the nations of Kagreth asunder. Artifical Etherfire—the result of decades of research, concentrated into a single, unifying goal: to free Exar'ad-heuld from his bindings, and conquer the current Age of Peace and morph it into an Age of Chaos.

Follow the journeys of several members of the Adventurer Association as the world slowly begins to crumble around them. Can the threat of an Age of Chaos be overturned? Or perhaps the continent will be thrown into tragedy, to be enveloped by the causation of madness.

Every chapter will take place from another character's point-of-view. Many chapters will be episodic, and can be read without knowledge of the previous or future. However, each chapter is part of a grander world, with each character's personal narrative contributing to the overall story.

Academy Adopted Protagonist Adventurers Age Progression Androgynous Characters Androids Angels Appearance Changes Beastkin Demons Evil Gods Goddesses Gods Magic Magical Space Magical Technology Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Outer Space Overpowered Protagonist Technological Gap Unique Weapons Vampires Wars Werebeasts
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