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/ Series / Storms Monarch (Smutty, Yuri Harem Reimagining of the Original Storms Monarch)
Storms Monarch (Smutty, Yuri Harem Reimagining of the Original Storms Monarch)
Storms Monarch (Smutty, Yuri Harem Reimagining of the Original Storms Monarch)
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4.3 (39 ratings)
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The world is unfair.

In a novel where the Protagonist gets everything handed to her on a diamond platter, a worthless Extra like Astrape Gray can never hope to reach her level. However, Astrape was content with her current life. Why risk getting the attention of dangerous individuals when she can live a leisure life? After all, the Protagonist would save the world with or without her intervention.

Yet, Fate has other things in store for Astrape. Armed with the knowledge of the future, and seeing how weak the Protagonist was compared to her novel counterpart, Astrape was forced to interact with the plot.

Survive and strive for more power, Storms Monarch Astrape Gray!

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Angels Antihero Protagonist Aristocracy Arrogant Characters Artifacts Assassins Battle Academy Blood Manipulation Cross-dressing Demi-Humans Dishonest Protagonist Dragons Evil Religions Eye Powers First-time Intercourse Magic Skill Books Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Time Manipulation Transplanted Memories
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    Status: chapter 21

    Disclaimer: Some of the content in this novel can be slightly triggering but people should know what they sign up for while reading a mature dark novel. This is made for R-18+ audiences.

    I started writing this at 3 am of April 10, 2022 in my timezone because I was bored, and so I decided to write my first review in SH all for this novel. I just decided to dedicate regular time on this on a whim to test my amateur reviewing skills so please don't hate on me for it.

    This review will probably be subject to change, and you don't need to read since this is literally my first experience making a review. This will be updated after something significant happens in the story but for now, this is my review.

    4.9/5 for the first 24 posted chapters. Lemme explain.

    This is a Mature Dark Fantasy novel (R-18) set in a modern-fantasy world with Gods, nobles, magicians, magic beasts, a hunter ranking system, demonic villains, Heroes, and other tropes that you would normally see in a normal junk food fantasy novel. Simple stuff until it isn't so simple.

    Our protagonist is a girl who finds out she's an extra in a yuri novel world and tries to get stronger to survive because the demons will wreak havoc since the hero novel protag would have appeared! 

    But the way she gets the realization is one of a kind, and so is the complexity of the plot on par with it's own uniqueness. It starts off with a bang while it also still manages to remain easily readable for all the people with brain damage. 

    So she becomes prepared for survival after a dark training arc not for the faint of heart. This is an R-18 novel, so expect dark depictions of reality along the way. 


    So she enlists and joins a war frontline against an enemy nation because this was the fastest way to gain a powerup 😀.

    This all takes place before the 10th chapter. This is actually a good 5 year training arc timeskip done right. It establishes relationships to go back to in the future, introduces 7 major characters, and even a dark past for the protag. This is all because the training arc is, in itself, a story arc. That's some nice writing.


    The pacing is straight to the action but the introduced major characters are given development and appropriate screen time within the small margin of narrated time. And all this before it even kicks off.

    So she becomes ready to be able to fend for herself after the training arc, and has a magical status awakening ceremony at 18 years old which is when all people can awaken here, and goes to the Battle Academy where the starting part of the story takes place. 

    Read this spoiler if you want to know about the details before the main course.


    So how do you think our MC knew she was an extra? In the first 3 chapters and the prologue our MC seems to be a regressor (from prologue) and got transplanted memories from a transmigrator (from first few chps.). So which is it? Well, in a stroke of genius, both.


    So she got transplanted memories from her Grandma who was actually a transmigrator who read the novel the world takes place in and revealed to her through the memories that she was an extra living in a shounen yuri world revolving around the brainless Hero protag getting all the girls while saving the world.

    But when she goes to the academy, she realizes that the novel is buggin when things don't add up and the protagonist isn't as strong as her novel counterpart. All of this took place before our MC even started acting to disturb the plot. It seems like the world been drinkin.

    So she just gets dragged into a weird mess where she has to interfere because her cheat novel guide isn't working and the hero protag is weak as hell compared to her novel ver. So the MC can't just rely on her to do everything.

    But that's not all. You see, our MC ALSO seems to be a regressor linked to a majorly powerful existence (God?). But why? 


    It seems she was made to suffer as she had failed her goal multiple times before she got to this point and only remembers her memories through the previous incarnation being hidden in a deep part of her subconscious. What does the powerful existence have to do with her then? There's weird stuff happening such as the Gods seeming to be having things going on between them being the reason behind all these events to be revealed in later chapters. Our MC also seems to be linked to this.


    If you only needed to confirm that she was gonna be involved in a wild ride, she will be, and everybody will be thirsting for new chapters every hour just like me.

    Grammar 9/10: Noticeable grammatical errors seldomly appear. The grammar is on par or better than notable translation sites of wns.

    Worldbuilding 7/10: Can't really be bothered to remember because of the time gap between chapters but there's a world you can visualize given the few context clues and expositions about locations. This rating is only based on the first 24 chapters so expect the worldbuilding to grow.

    Characters 9.5/10: The way this Author only focuses on a small and specific cast of memorable characters to introduce one by one and makes the highlighted characters seem like real people made them fun to read, and there's also the fact that most major characters are written interestingly enough that they grow on you. The only reason it's 9.5/10 is that theres not enough time to judge.

    MC: 10/10. She is funny as hell, and has a brash and expressive personality along with believable mental disorders due to what she's been through. The author said she has the same personality as the original novel's MC, so we can expect inner conflicts and a character rated above the boy version who I've rated 9.5, and that is because of the fact that she feels more lifelike, realistically expressive, and that the Author seems to be able to write women better (I got this from another comment from a reader). The small things were done right as well due to the fact that she even has musical preferences. All of this makes us feel like we were there as her, AKA CHARACTER IMMERSION!

    Plot 10/10: This plot, you gotta see it for yourself. Final Fantasy levels of complexity here, at least for the first 24 chapters. I ain't tryna lie, but you can choose not to believe me and try for yourself. This will get you hooked all the way like a slow but fun rollercoaster which you like to get dragged by along the way due to the reasons told.

    For the first 24 chapters? Defo 4.9/5. (Subject to change) Till the next update on this review.

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    Status: (r-18) 25 – my v-card… no…

    This story would have been more better if there were no R-18 scenes, really, awesome story but if you wanted to add some explicit scenes you can just say they did it then done, I don't think the story is super great due to the R-18 chapters.

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