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The World of Adventurers
The World of Adventurers
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Fuimiko Akazawa. A sixteen year old girl who became the leader of her father’s yakuza group four years ago due to his assassination by a rival group named Kabane. She has been plotting a plan for revenge ever since that day. However, while carrying out her plan, she finds herself near death from a bullet shot by the same man who killed her father. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself in a world that she doesn’t recognize.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyIsekaiSchool LifeSupernatural
Academy Adventurers Aggressive Characters Alternate World Amnesia Appearance Changes Character Growth Confident Protagonist Elemental Magic Evil Organizations Female Protagonist Multiple Protagonists Reincarnated into Another World Special Abilities
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      Status: [arc 2 – first quest] chapter 14 -monster classifications
      Mar 13, 2019

      I'll give 1 five 'cause it has a lot of potential and I really like the story in general, it's a new uptake of the "Isekai"-genre (well I say Isekai but she doesn' t really go to a different world) I also liked how Fumiko's reaction was portreyed when she woke up which I find realistic. It also has regular updates (though short but the author is working an 2 novels at the same time and he's releasing 2 chaps a week, so kmcut him some slack will ya "😋")

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