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/ Series / Pokemon: Becoming Legend [HIATUS]
Pokemon: Becoming Legend [HIATUS]
Pokemon: Becoming Legend [HIATUS]
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4.9 (8 ratings)
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**Due to my failing health, I can no longer write. Plans will be uploaded once they're tidied up.**

Having no interest in becoming a Pokemon Trainer, Joe started adulthood by getting a job at the local store. But, after a run-in with a Legendary Pokemon, Joe decides a different lifestyle is in order so he sets off to help others, catching as many Pokemon as possible along the way.

Joe later encounters a woman with psychic abilities who believes him to be quite special. She insists on travelling with him and so begins a journey across the Pokemon World.

ActionAdventureFanfictionFantasySlice of Life
Based on an Anime Battle Competition Beast Companions Caring Protagonist Easy Going Life Enemies Become Allies Evil Organizations Fantasy Creatures Fast Learner Fearless Protagonist Kind Love Interests Leadership Mature Protagonist Mind Control Monster Tamer Pets Saving the World Selfless Protagonist
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