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/ Series / Undying Empire (1st Draft)
Undying Empire (1st Draft)
Undying Empire (1st Draft)
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4.6 (184 ratings)
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WARNING: The Final Draft is up on SH of UE. It is on my profile works, so I suggest going to it.

Elinor is just a sixteen-year-old goth going through some abnormal teenage drama; her parents are involved in giving some 'unwanted' humanitarian aid to Venezuela, and they're dragging their daughter along to expand her world view ... much to her displeasure.

The jungle sucks and the bus has no air conditioning, and great, she's kidnapped ... The Oscillation happens, monsters attack ... she's a monster. Now, she's in a foreign world, fighting to survive.

ActionAdventureFantasyHorrorIsekaiLitRPGPsychologicalSlice of LifeSupernatural
Accelerated Growth Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Army Building Artifacts Bickering Couple Brainwashing Character Growth Complex Family Relationships Cruel Characters Curses Dead Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Earth Invasion Empires Familiars Fantasy Creatures Female Protagonist Game Elements Necromancer Wars Witches
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Table of Contents
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    Status: b2 — 40. divine warlord

    Promising to start with, a LITRPG with kingdom building as a main plot and an MC that somewhat quickly stabilizes themselves after having their whole life flipped completely upside down. Unfortunately, it quickly loses the plot and turns into a Final Fantasy/Shonen type story where the MC is out to kill 'God' and won't ever be in conflict with just one party.


    Action is good, having a planet-hopping floating island with forces that even the latest 'most powerful' minion can't take down just show up out of nowhere is FF12 levels of BS.

    I can see where this is going and I'm getting off now before I waste my time reading about a weak MC who is never on top and always somehow comes out the winner even when they have zero clue about what they are even fighting against.

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    Status: b2 — 41. the invitation

    This review goes past B1 and into what should be the depths of B2. If you haven't read that far, your either coming to see if its good or not or checking what other people say. If you are considering reading it, I'd say go for it. At least give it 8 chapters tho. The first few chapters are a little slow and are more Elinor trying to adapt to her situation. It won't happen instantly, but once she does, it sets the feeling/mood for the rest of the story.

    I like this story. A lot. It has necromancy without the "I can just res whomever I feel like it whenever I feel like it". The powers themselves feel well defined. There is some form of action, adventure, or planning in almost every or every chapter. Better yet, it doesn't suffer from chapter on chapter of emotional issues and concepts that drag the story out. The story contains the concept of infinite universes and multiverses with any and every kind of being you can think of. Naturally, not every one is encountered, but the point remains. The system she is given isn't all powerful and can't tell her everything. It can't even really show her "stats".  It's so limited, but that makes it feel all the more real. The system promises the ability to improve someones strength when resurrected by Elinor by killing things. In return it also makes them significantly weaker then when they were alive. 

    The issue is timing and scaling. Everything up to where I am right now (B2 - 41. The Invitation), has happened in 14-15 days. It feels like everything just got jam packed into this time period. The enemies feel like they exist simply to interfere with her, to bother her, or to cause her stress. They just keep appearing and are consistently beyond her level. In those 14-15 days she went from enemies that can die from guns to enemies that can seriously harm the world. Her way of solving these issues is raising a powerful un-dead just in time to save her. It's seen with Quin, Tiffany, Edmon, and Sori'ael. The story doesn't seem like it gives Elinor enough choices with regards to her enemies. She can't think or maneuver any and everything ultimately gets decided by her resurrecting things. As the enemies get stronger, so do the things she resurrects. No it is not from leveling or growing stronger. It's all resurrecting. This gets justified by saying that this means that stronger people will notice her may or may not come for her, but that means she has to find and resurrect stronger allies. Then there are the abilities. Some are just plain broken and get justified by a long cooldown. The issue here is that it is the ability's are early-middle game stuff while Elinor literally just started the game. They are beyond her and should not have appeared. I like Deus ex Machina, but it can't be the solution to every problem like it feels like here. The final issue that came from this power scaling comes from her system. It is supposed to help her underlings grow in strength. That is part of the reason some are more than happy to join. That hasn't happened. The allies that used to be strong keep feeling weaker and weaker. The growth that is shown is limited to a select few and even then can't be described as significantly impact on the story. That should be changed.

    This story desperately needs a calm down period where no new enemies show up and no new allies show up. Her minions need time to grow and she needs time to expand her empire administratively and diplomatically.

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    Status: B1 - 29

    It's pretty good so far I guess though it slows down around chapter 10-15 

     I'm starting to loose interest

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    Status: b1 — 51. foundations set

    I totally adore this story. It is probably the closest I've found that is like the popular Overlord series by Kugane Maruyama. There are many differences but overall I get ALOT of the same vibes. All characters whether they are mains or lesser have alot of personality and there is alot of backstory on each that make them really believable. World building and lore is in great detail so far as well which greatly add to my imagination. So far I've finished the 1st volume and still have an undying (heh) hunger to read more... highly recommend it to anyone who loves Overlord and wants something to read like it. 

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    Status: b1 — 26. rival sisters

    Its one very addictive novel, always dying for more

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: b2 — 32. pirates

    I don't know what to say except that I like this story and hope that it continues to be entertaining 

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