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/ Series / The Resisted Summon
The Resisted Summon
The Resisted Summon
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Getting through the trials of being summoned and fighting a demon lord for many years by will of the kingdom, the young hero Arthur has come to a crucial point. Despite having a slave collar put upon him, he has broke its magic stranglehold upon him, then turned his attention to serious matters. He could finally settle down with his beloved princess who had chased him all along; yes, he softened his heart toward this catgirl princess at last.

Except. Just getting to the good part ― yet *another kingdom in another world* has called for a summoning! Its result ― he's *again* pulled away from a life, and his loved ones. Not only this, but ... some unresolved issue from his first summoning ritual might still be in play. But ... no cat princess has come with him? He won't ... have his happiness?

"Oh no you didn't just summon me!" ... is what he thought. He wouldn't reveal what he has in mind, at least not just yet. But at least he still has all those abilities and skills learned in the previous summon, and years of vital experience seeing how the summoners treated summoned 'heroes'. By subtle tricks of his own, he escapes the trap of this king. Arthur avoids wearing a second leather collar offered to him by a king ― who tries to softly 'convince' him, saying it would 'help' him fight better stronger longer. Or, by clever questions, he could play along and divert his captors' minds ― to infer his own script-

-and then ... having escaped from the summoning ritual, invisible for a time ... he could look for a way to arrange matters to his benefit. Because ― Arthur has served as a summoned slave once before ― and so this kingdom must pay for its insolence!
{Tags which did not make the 25-tag limit: Farming, Mysterious Past, Nobles, Pregnancy, Pretend Lovers, Royalty, Satire, Saving the World, Scheming}

AdventureComedyDramaEcchiFantasyIsekaiPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
Age Regression Caring Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Clingy Lover Comedic Undertone Dungeons Engagement Fantasy World Former Hero Gate to Another World Goblins Handsome Male Lead Hiding True Identity Human-Nonhuman Relationship Love Rivals Loyal Subordinates Magical Space Male Protagonist Master-Servant Relationship Multiple Identities Multiple Personalities Multiple POV Multiple Timelines Secret Identity
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