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/ Series / Reincarnated Cat Becomes a Magical Beast
Reincarnated Cat Becomes a Magical Beast
Reincarnated Cat Becomes a Magical Beast
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4.4 (124 ratings)
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She is but a street cat who suddenly finds herself dying a sudden death. The next thing she knows is that she is in a new land where magic exists and she finds that she is no ordinary cat anymore. She has turned into a small kitten once more of silver colour, with green eyes that have a tint of red to them. She may sound like a normal kitten, but actually, she now has the power of magic, making her a Magical Beast in this world. She also finds that her intelligence has skyrocketed and her memories are as clear as day.

In the future her name will spread as the partner to a grand Magician of the Wilderwolf family. But for now, follow her as she meets this Grand Magician at a young age and grow up together, forming an unbreakable bond along the way.

Author's Note: This will be a long project, just fyi. It'll take several chapter just for our little main character to meet her future partner and there will be only a few big time skips to age the characters. I intend to have a lot of this story telling the story of how our duo grow up at a steady pace, so don't expect to see our main characters out saving the world any time soon. XD

ActionAdventureFantasyGirls LoveRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Academy Age Progression Child Protagonist Cultivation Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Magic Beasts Non-humanoid Protagonist
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      Status: c11
      Feb 3, 2019

      Okay, so the fiction is nice and I like it so far although there are a bit more grammatical errors than I'd like...

      Except for one thing. The MC is not a cat. She has the body of a cat magical beast, she thinks she used to be a cat. But she is not. She acts 100% like a human. And her body does too, she smiles (which cats can't do), sighs, rolls her eyes, etc. 

      Though if this is intentional and she's just been fooled into thinking she used to be a cat then it's fine. It also isn't helped by the fact that she's called "lass" by the characters most of the time.

      Anyways, the MC is not a cat. So if a story about a human reincarnated into the body of a magical beast cat with memories of being a cat in her past life sounds appealing to you, and you can ignore the fact that she's supposedly not human and the slightly poor grammar, then you'll probably like this. 

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      8 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c82
      Jul 16, 2019

      Love this story! Still, there is something that I don't really understand. How can she be a cat in her past life put have knowledge that can't be know if you aren't human. Like, how did she know the word reincarnation in the first place?? XD well, you can still use the "cat have 9 lives so she was one before" or "her parents are gods so why can't she know it" reason to explain it. The love interest is also soo cute, even with her sharp tongue. I'm excited for when the romance really start (now MC is still a cat magical beast with no human form, plus love interest is still a child). Thank you for this story and hope to see you soon~

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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