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Throne of World
Throne of World
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An introverted, unhealthy and orphan boy dies after saving a girl from a car accident on modern earth.

At the same time in a parallel realm, a boy dies due to over-exhaustion.

Former's soul takes over the later' body.


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A mechanical voice awakes him from the deep slumber.
He feels something's off.

"F*ck, how am i still alive? Is this hospital?"

"But where's this smell coming from?"

He frantically sits up and looked around, only to curse more.


"It... It isn't a hospital! Thi... This is an onion warehouse!!"

"But why am I here instead of the hospital?"

[ To Sit on the Throne of World ]

Mechanical Voice sounded once again, frightening him to death!


ActionAdventureComedyFantasyHaremIsekaiMartial ArtsRomanceSchool Life
Academy Business Management Childcare Cousins Doting Love Interests Drugs Evil Protagonist Familial Love Friendship Gangs Godly Powers Harem-seeking Protagonist Introverted Protagonist Kingdom Building Late Romance Level System Military Pregnancy Reverse Rape
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