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/ Series / High School Chronicles: The Otherworldly Harem
High School Chronicles: The Otherworldly Harem
High School Chronicles: The Otherworldly Harem
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In a world where the boundaries of anime universes have merged, a high school has emerged where characters from across the multiverse coexist. Our protagonist, Orion, has been reincarnated into this new world with the knowledge of all fiction ever created on Earth, giving him a unique perspective and understanding of the diverse cast of characters he encounters.

As Orion navigates through this fascinating new environment, he finds himself attending a high school filled with a vibrant mix of students and teachers from various anime backgrounds, creating a melting pot of personalities and abilities. The teachers at this high school are not your typical ones, with Moka Akashiya, Yoruichi Shihoin, Rangiku Matsumoto, Boa Hancock, Hatake Kakashi, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Korosensei each bringing their unique skills and quirks to the classroom.

Orion's interactions with the female characters from various anime worlds form the core of the harem aspect of the story. From the intelligent and resourceful science teacher Momo Yaoyorozu to the enigmatic and playful philosophy teacher Yoruichi Shihoin, Orion's natural charm and aura make him a popular figure among the female characters.

Moka Akashiya's literature class is always full of surprises, as her two contrasting personalities can cause unexpected shifts in the classroom atmosphere. In philosophy class, Yoruichi Shihoin teaches complex subjects by relating them to cat-related analogies. Meanwhile, Rangiku Matsumoto's biology class is an experience in itself, as she unconsciously accentuates her figure and often leaves her students blushing.

Boa Hancock's theatre class brings drama and excitement to the school with her daring acts and suggestive play selections, while Hatake Kakashi's PE class is a test of the students' physical limits. The unconventional and enigmatic math teacher, Korosensei, helps students overcome their struggles with numbers using innovative and engaging methods.

As Orion's relationships with these teachers deepen, so too does his harem, creating a captivating and comical experience that keeps viewers hooked. However, the ever-present conflict between good and evil forces threatens to disrupt MC's high school life, making every day an unpredictable adventure.

In this universe, characters' ages have been altered to fit into the story better, creating a unique high school experience that fans of the harem and slice-of-life genres will love. High School Chronicles: The Otherworldly Harem is a delightful and entertaining journey through the unique world where beloved anime characters collide.

This novel focuses on harem and erotic content. The interactions between the female characters and Orion will be swift and effortless due to Orion's natural abilities, charm, and looks, drawing women towards him. Although romance is not the primary focus, the story will feature explicit sexual content.

Additional Tags: Incest, Harem, Smut, Quick Romance.

No NTR. Never NTR.

No Yuri! With the exception of!!! Orion and his sisters have two mothers, no father. Orion's mothers love each other, and their love will not change even after Orion becomes a part of their love life. There will be scenes depicting their love, but there will be no sex scenes involving only two of them. Other than two of them, no other two harem member will have relationship.

AdultComedyEcchiFanfictionFantasyHaremRomanceSchool LifeSmut
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Academy Alternate World Based on an Anime Beautiful Couple Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Childhood Friends Childhood Love Comedic Undertone Familial Love Handsome Male Lead Hidden Abilities Incest Lucky Protagonist R-18
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