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Collide Gamer
Collide Gamer
148.5k Views 5388 Favorites 91 Chapters 11 Chapters/Week 892 Readers
4.6 (63 ratings)
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Freshly turned eighteen, John Newman, a helpless nerd, suddenly gets video game abilities granted to him. A mysterious higher power, a secret Abyss of magic beneath the surface of the normal world, mages, martial artists, eroticism, tragedy and a harem of hot girls awaits.

ActionAdultFantasyHaremLitRPGMatureRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
BDSM Character Growth Cunning Protagonist Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Familiars Game Elements Harem-seeking Protagonist Magic Maids Monster Girls Overpowered Protagonist Strong Love Interests Strong to Stronger Summoning Magic Weak to Strong Wealthy Characters
Table of Contents 91
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Table of Contents
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    New Larrytwo
    Status: Over 1000 read over on chyao

    Hi I only create this account to review this story.

    There no ntr in this story. Love this gamer story. 


    not 100% what guy was about saying there was ntr in this story was there none. The dragon he refering to is older than pompeii in the body of a milf who loves to f**k. John has to convince to her be part of his harem


    I suck at writing review

    Edit/stuff I of thought later

    I like the way fun gamer elements (loot, spells selection, upgrades, and other stuff I'm forgot at the momenlt).

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    5 Likes · Like
    New Kei8888
    Status: c150 at chyoa

    I have read 150+ chapter at chyoa. Tldr: MC is a hypocrite and how the author tries to shove the 'harem' (it is more of a open relationship since the dragon girl also have s*x with other dude, gaia even pinged 2-way polygamy achievement or some sh*t, and I dont care if she changed after chapter 150+ since I cant be bother to continue) plot into ur throat forcefully. Dont waste your time like me, I wasted 2 days on this sh*t (could have done other things).


    I dont like how forced all the relationships is in this story, the MC is a total push over. I also doesnt like how the MC technically broke the promise that he made with the main heroine of this story even tho the girl just went along with it, the worst one is the dragon girl. Oh my god, she so annoying for f**k sake and how the MC accepted the ntr (the MC is ok with the dragon fcking other dude when they both start to have feeling for each other (after spa scene) which I count as ntr even tho its offscreen it still happen). Like the MC doesnt even say anything just ok it happened. Dont let me start with how this can also approach the reverse rpe territory when the dragon kinda force herself to him while the gf have to watch all these happen infront of her, then after all of these happen its all good and fun, like wtf?

     then, the worst part of all this is how the MC is so trustful to another stranger is, like dude u literally have a power tht can power creep all these peeps and u proceed to give all away all these info about it for free, and dont let me rant about the tournament arc, god that is so boring ffs, Thana plot line is the worst one how tf can u make all these effort to save a  stranger that u dont even care, and how this "villain' guild can be put down by this underleveled MC when the 'villain' guild is supposed to be a powerhouse that other cant messed with. It is so cringe how forced it is. The harem is just bad, like how can u care about all these 11+ women that suddenly flock to the MC d*ck with a bullsh*t reason that the author used that is Charisma stat and using tht said reason to avoid all rivalry that supposed to happen when in fact the author is just lazy at this point.


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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 33 – into the shower [erotic...

    As a fan of Funatic's other two stories I was expecting great things, and as at Chapter 33 not disappointed - in fact surprised at how this exceeded my expectation.

    The MC - John - is a nerd and typically socially awkward, but the arrival of a 'system' allows him to change his life by changing himself. Has all the typical LitRPG elements you'd expect, and while Funatic has the MC choose different options than, say, I would  if I was in his position, they are logical and consistent to the author's vision of the character.

    As for the plot and world building, it is first class, and what I've come to expect from the author, but as will their other  stories, it is the character interactions that lift each from just being good to being outstanding.

    I know this is more a gushing review of how good it is than an explanation of what you are going to read, but I don't think you need to know more than - try it, you won't be disappointed.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 53 – the mechanic and the...

    This is my first story I’ve read by Funatic and I’m truly impressed! Great storyline and amazing character development. I hope this will one day be available in audio format. 

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 35 – Smalltalk, boss fight, big...

    So I noticed a bunch of people dropped out early because MC had the IQ of a goldfish.

    Well, I stuck through it, hoping that the "cunning protagonist" tag wasn't a lie, and yes, MC stops being a cringey idiot eventually.


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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 17 – ectoplasm and loot in...

    The Gamer aka John Newman wakes up the day after his 18 Birthday and has powers.

    What to expect an MC that will get strong but will always face opposition on his or above his level because he can make his own barriers and dungeons filled with Monsters. Expect a harem of over 20 Women from a certain Techno lover we already meet to goddesses.

    The author is posting his early chapters here refreshed after more than 5 years of improving the actual free chapters are at 1433 on chyoa you can read more on his patreon. The story will give you up and downs and some losses that hit, satisfaction and joy and some top-notch erotic chapters. Like one overlong Aeroplane Orgy that made the proofreader put his foot down for the chapter length. You will encounter a consistent plot, thinking NPCs and a world that could really exist beside our mundane world. So stop reading this and start a binge that will keep you satisfied and hooked.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 61 – sapience

    Read lots of his work on Chyna. While the quality has improved over the years. It's nice having the author go back and enhance the quality. This is one of the best litrpg books I've seen to date. I put this in the erotic category of azarinth healer if that's anything to go by.

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    2 Likes · Like
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