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/ Series / The princess’s Butler
The princess’s Butler
The princess’s Butler
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3.7 (13 ratings)
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(The ending is premature because I made this a while ago and my writing was bad so I just wrapped it up. No I didn’t lose interest I just got better at writing shit and realized how bad my writing was. Thanks to all the people who read it despiste how bad it was and I may fix it in the future)

Wayne, a young butler who was brought in to serve the Crown's daughter, makes his ways through the motions of serving and protecting his estranged mistress, an arrogant princess named Esteine. When one day, she hits her head too hard and begins to talk about nonsense things such as, "villainess and heroine's." Wayne cares not for such trivial matters, but the princess seems to have changed from her arrogant ways and has become more caring. However, now she gets herself into more and more trouble and the dangers surrounding her have increased. Luckily for the Princess, Wayne's fealty is too strong to let the cruel world bring harm to his mistress and will fight to protect her.

Join Wayne as he fights the world around him to protect his mistress from those that seek to destroy them and watch as a 15-year-old butler gains the strength and resolution he needs to protect the ones he loves.

ActionDramaFantasyMysteryRomanceSchool Life
Abandoned Children Academy Antihero Protagonist Arranged Marriage Blackmail Boss-Subordinate Relationship Butlers Caring Protagonist Character Growth Cunning Protagonist Death Demons Determined Protagonist Doting Love Interests Engagement Fantasy World Female Master Handsome Male Lead Magic Magic Beasts Otome Game Slow Romance Sword And Magic Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: [ch 11][arc 2] end

    Don't be fooled, this story is not completed. This story is bad enough that the author got sick and tired of it and wrote 2 last incoherent chapters to "finish" the story.

    The first 2 or 3 chapters showed promise, but sadly the story went down the drain after that.

    It's actually a travesty to call this a completed story, it would have served everybody better to be honest and just left the story without the last 2 chapters and just left it in hiatus, at least then people would not have been fooled into reading it...

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