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/ Series / Trials of the Nekomancer!
Trials of the Nekomancer!
Trials of the Nekomancer!
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4.7 (16 ratings)
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[An Isekai regression LITRPG filled with tower climbing, Cats, battlemaids, and skeletons! (You've been warned.)]

The Abyssal Tower. An ever expanding dungeon where those chosen by the gods are sent to undergo tests to earn their patron's favor. Here they are promised riches, skills, and legendary artifacts. Six divines, six factions, each that compete with warriors from all across the realm. Yet what happens when an unknown seventh god comes out of retirement?

Meet Adam Glow, a down on his luck and prosecuted necromancer with dreams of a utopia. After a series of unfortunate events, Adam finds himself and his cat, Schrödinger, cornered by the dastardly forces of the Empire.

With his mana depleted, no escape route and being relentlessly hounded by the forces of inquisition, Adam makes a last ditched attempt to save himself and Schrodinger by activating a mysterious relic, resulting in an adventure of cataclysmic proportions

Join Adam as he navigates an alien land, raises an army of the damned, and undergoes trials in search of his beloved feline friend, all while contending with being regressed into a cat-like humanoid and dealing with the shenanigans of an aging god of hellbent on it's own final rest.

[Updates everyday minus Monday on Royal Road]

Apocalypse Dungeons Enemies Become Lovers Fantasy World Genetic Modifications Gods Grinding Guilds Handsome Male Lead Hiding True Identity Human-Nonhuman Relationship Lack of Common Sense Level System Magic Male Protagonist Multiple Realms Necromancer Non-human Protagonist Previous Life Talent Shota Time Manipulation Tragic Past Unlucky Protagonist Villainess Noble Girls Zombies
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 2: trial one

    Right out the gate, you immediately sympathize for the main character. He is a socially inept undead and cat lover who needs to be protected at all costs. You look at the skills he has gained throughout his life, and one, get a really good laugh, and two, you start to realize he has had a really terrible life; the poor man. Really impressive how much thought was put into the skills and it's a really nice thing that allows the reader to get background knowledge and information on the life that he has led in a humerus, detective-like manner.

    There are a couple grammar mistakes, but they are easily ignorable. The writing style is well done and engrossing, with a wonderful flow.


    And I felt so freakin' sad when Adam was taken from Schrodinger. I was warned ahead of time and it still killed me. Far too sad. Kudos to the author to writing it in such... a heartrending manner. *sobs* I'm not crying and petting my pet possessively, you are! 


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