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/ Series / It’s Hard Trying to Survive in the World of an Otome Game
It’s Hard Trying to Survive in the World of an Otome Game
It’s Hard Trying to Survive in the World of an Otome Game
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4.2 (39 ratings)
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A brother who reincarnated as one of the capture targets, and a sister who reincarnated as one of the main villainesses, nothing can go wrong, right?

Updates will vary, but at least one chapter a week!

AdventureFantasyIsekaiRomanceSchool Life
Academy Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Corruption Dark Demi-Humans Elemental Magic Female Protagonist Half-human Protagonist Late Romance Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Otome Game Siblings Slow Romance Sword And Magic Villainess Noble Girls
  1. 『Forty-Two』Aug 14, 2020
  2. 『Forty-One』Aug 7, 2020
  3. 『Forty』Jul 29, 2020
  4. 『Thirty-Nine』Jul 15, 2020
  5. 『Thirty-Eight』Jul 10, 2020
  6. 『Thirty-Seven』Jul 3, 2020
  7. 『Thirty-Six』Jun 26, 2020
  8. 『Thirty-Five』Jun 19, 2020
  9. 『Thirty-Four』Jun 12, 2020
  10. 『Thirty-Three』Jun 5, 2020
  11. 『Thirty-Two』May 22, 2020
  12. 『Thirty One』May 15, 2020
  13. 『Thirty』May 8, 2020
  14. 『Twenty-Nine』Apr 24, 2020
  15. 『Twenty-Eight』Apr 10, 2020
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      Status: chapter thirteen
      Feb 10, 2020

      Great story so far with alot of potential. Rather does a good job with the sibalings persanalites. Though the brother is a little 'dry' emotionally it makes sense with his soldier background and is very well made. Will love to see a bit more of their background before they reincarnated especially why the brother left without explaining anyting amd the troubles the sister went through. Dont want the story to be rushed but dont leave us hanging for some of this information too long. 

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