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Crystal Down
Crystal Down
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The numbers are in base twelve.

The symbols used are 1 (one), 2 (two), 3 (three), 4 (four), 5 (five), 6 (six), 7 (seven), 8 (eight), 9 (nine), X (dec(a)) and E (el(even)).

Duodecimal is what even the Romans used for convenience in weights and other units. All people care about are the numerals they didn't use like we get taught in school.

Counting in Duodecimal works by using your thumb to count the sections of your other fingers — with one hand — there are twelve sections. 


  • Humes — humans
  • Ailuranthropes — feline folk
  • Cynanthropes — canine folk
  • Kouniklothropes — alpine folk
  • Lycanthropes — lupine folk
  • Ornithropes — avian folk
  • Neotes — childlike folk
  • Dwarfs
  • Elves

Swift Mittens

Swift this one of the main characters of Crystal Down. He's a surprisingly late riser. With him being the Keeper of the Crystal Down he was quite the influence in Sitnalta. Though he rarely uses that influence. After taking in the twins, both Aiden and Ethan see him as a protective big brother.

Matthew Sitnalta

Matt this one of the main characters of Crystal Down. He's a Hume. He’s the second prince of Sitnalta.

Avan Forest

A mysterious Forest in Sitnalta Kingdom. As the forest becomes more disorienting the closer you get to the center it's not well surveyed.

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      Status: c21
      Sep 17, 2020

      A good novel in its own right with a typical fantasy based system world. The characters are fairly well mannered with little conflict though that might change later on. It plays off like a slice of life novel and this is where it doesn't work for me.


      The MC is op pretty much before encountering anyone else. His position and relationship with the gods makes me believe no conflict can ever arise that would keep me interested.

      His stance of neutrality is where I take it because with his personality, he seems to not care about anything until the story would thrust some sort of bad guy into his face. I like characters with nuance and moral ambiguity but this one is too fluffy for my interest.

      Personally I dislike overuse of gods in novels because it ruins any mystique of gods themselves.


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