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/ Series / The Brave Sacrifice (Omegaverse)
The Brave Sacrifice (Omegaverse)
The Brave Sacrifice (Omegaverse)
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Born with Atrial Septal Defect, Yukio finally succumbed to his sickness that had developed into a grave complication. He was at peace when he closed his eyes but unexpectedly, he woke up again in an Omega's body who had just committed suicide.


A well-loved but sickly young man who died satisfied with his life but was reborn in a body of a rich but extremely depressed and rebellious heir. Getting all the memories of the body's original owner, he decided to turn everything around. Having everything good and sweet in his previous life, he thought it would be easy. The thing was, he thought wrong!

P.S. I don't own the photos here. Credits to the photo owners.
The (Omegaverse) in the title also serves as a warning. This is YAOI.

AdultBoys LoveDramaFantasyJoseiMatureRomanceSmut
Abandoned Children Businessmen Doting Older Siblings Marriage Mpreg Omegaverse Pregnancy R-18 Suicides Transmigration Unconditional Love Wealthy Characters
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