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/ Series / That Time I Died & Got The Wrong Afterlife
That Time I Died & Got The Wrong Afterlife
That Time I Died & Got The Wrong Afterlife
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4.6 (56 ratings)
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After my untimely and tragic demise - delivered by truck-kun of course - I found myself transported into an exciting new world of swords and magic, just like all those countless stories I'd read about online.
It didn't take long for me to realize that my new life was nothing like the isekai fantasy I'd been expecting. Instead of becoming an OP harem protagonist I ended up on a journey to figure myself out and find my place in a very unfamilliar new life.

Extra tags: polyamory, polycule

FantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiSlice of Life
Animal Characteristics Appearance Changes Beastkin Comedic Undertone Cute Protagonist Dense Protagonist Fantasy World Female Protagonist Identity Crisis Magic Male to Female Medieval Sword And Magic Transgender Transported into Another World Weak Protagonist
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    Status: 20. a beautiful perfect life

    A cute read where an egg gets what she asked for, more ot less... not much plot but the interactions between the characters are very endearing and the writing is engaging; very easy read so if you've the time and the inclination then I suggest giving this a try

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