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/ Series / Tinea and Leah [Cyberpunk, Girl’s Love (WLW)]
Tinea and Leah [Cyberpunk, Girl’s Love (WLW)]
Tinea and Leah [Cyberpunk, Girl’s Love (WLW)]
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Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Aden (a.k.a. Tinea), who finds it himself to risk certain death to save a mother and her daughter from rather voracious aliens. Follow him as he alters his DNA with the power of alien science to become who, and what, he wishes to be, explores new places (voluntarily or not), and meets new people. One person in particular...


I'm already releasing this series on, under the same name. There'll be advance chapters there at all times, to make management and editing easier.

This work is a fanfiction to RavensDagger's Stray Cat Strut. It does not currently contain any major characters from that universe, but that may or may not, change at some point. It does take place in and nearby New Montreal. Lastly, I seek to respect the canon.

Tinea and Leah was submitted by myself to compete in the April '23 SCS Fanfiction Contest. It took second place, a single vote behind the winner!


Disclaimer: The gore and traumatizing content warnings are perhaps a little much, but better safe than sorry. Consider them real, but minor warnings.

Disclaimer: MINOR warning for trans people. Aden/Tinea is written from the viewpoint of somebody who does have serious GD, but doesn't experience it the 'standard' trans way. It may seem a little strange to you if you're trans in the way that trans communities accept, because this is not entirely that. Further information can be found in the author's notes for chapter thirty-five (on Royalroads), where I reply to a good critique on this topic.


What to expect:

- gratuitous violence against unthinking aliens
- get points, buy gear
- cybernetic upgrades
- organic augmentations
- a perhaps more serious approach to transitioning male -> female
- maturity from both female leads
- girls' love, from the soft and cuddly, to the (clearly marked) steamy and kinky explicit
- many, many chapters


Release schedule: 3x per week; Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays


The cover art was drawn for me by Jero. I do own the rights to it, including commercial.

ActionAdultFanfictionGender BenderGirls LoveLitRPGMatureRomanceSci-fi
Stray Cat Strut by RavensDagger
Abandoned Children Absent Parents Adopted Children Aliens Alternate World Animal Characteristics Apocalypse Artificial Intelligence Childcare Cyberpunk Early Romance Genetic Modifications Gunfighters Loneliness Mature Protagonist Multiple Protagonists Playful Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist Proactive Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Transgender
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