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/ Series / Alone Once More – A Dating Sim Timeloop
Alone Once More – A Dating Sim Timeloop
Alone Once More – A Dating Sim Timeloop
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College is supposed to be an exciting time, an opportunity to meet new friends and make lifelong relationships. However, Kaitlyn was never the social type. Her awkwardness and nervous stuttering meant that just talking to people was hard enough, not to mention romance.

Getting transported into a dating sim seems like the perfect opportunity to change that.

Faced with five handsome leads to pursue, the future looks bright and filled with possibilities. But as she fumbles through grueling classes, terrible advice, and gaming the system in Heartthrob University, it seems that getting isekai'd might not be the magical cure-all she hoped for. But that's ok. Even if cruel reality threatens her do-over, she can always try again.

And again.

And again.


This story is an original work created and owned by Neviara. Its original publication locations can be found at Royal Road, Scribble Hub, and Patreon. Official releases on Amazon will be published by Mongoose Media LLC. Any other website hosting the content of this story is doing so illegally and without my knowledge or permission.


ComedyDramaIsekaiPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Awkward Protagonist Based on a Visual Novel Cooking Determined Protagonist Female Protagonist Game Elements Kind Love Interests Loneliness Modern Time Multiple Timelines Otome Game Popular Love Interests Reverse Harem Secret Crush Shy Characters Slow Romance Time Loop Time Travel Transported into a Game World Unrequited Love
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