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Beastkin of GRIM
Beastkin of GRIM
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Alphonse Kneller

(updated as story progresses)

Identification: Human

Class: Scout

The protagonist of our story.

One of the individuals chosen to participate in the Hovestile project.

A young man who values planning, stealth and actions with little waste. He is no stranger to survival and utilizing the environment to his advantage. His competence with a bow is proof of extensive training, and lithe movements suggest the habits of a hunter.

He tends to be uncomfortable at times in casual conversation and is quick to divert attention from himself. Any topics involving quests he is quick to jump on. He prefers to remain focused on his objective, while also taking repercussions into account.

Left with no home on Earth, he seeks to make a new one on Hovestile. On his third dungeon foray in the new world, he is betrayed and left for dead by his adventuring party. He is rescued by the catgirl demihuman, Kirie Foirena.

He is led by Kirie's sister, Asa, to a mysterious place hidden within the dungeon known as the Submerged Oasis, where he meets the catgirl mother, Rinka. He is then offered a precarious gift known as the Construct Contract, which comes into his possession after a possibly dangerous deal.

His goal is to create a new home not only for himself, but for Kirie and Asa as well.

Asa Foirena

(updated as story progresses)

Identification: Demihuman

Class: Spellcaster

Kirie's sister and daughter of Rinka.

The calm and leveled-headed one of the two sisters. She is almost the complete opposite of her sister in every aspect.

Her role in Alphonse's party is mostly focused on healing and protection, but she has expanded her craft into offensive spells to exploit enemy weaknesses. She has an excellent feel for the battlefield and uses her positioning to remain out of sight so her allies can focus on enemies.

She tends to hide her true feelings involving any uncomfortable situations, but her body language usually gives her away. Her companions sometimes find it difficult to know whether she is serious or not during conversation due to her dry sense of humor.

Kirie Foirena

(updated as story progresses)

Identification: Demihuman

Class: Warrior

Asa's sister and daughter of Rinka. One of Alphonse's companions after the deal made with the Construct Contract.

A catgirl with an almost insatiable appetite for adventure and combat. Wielding a large double-edged axe and utilizing improved strength from the stats provided by Alphonse, she is a warrior to be reckoned with.

She has a rather brusque personality and has no problems being straightforward with demeaning comments. Her instincts and stamina on the battlefield are superior to most, and she is always thinking two steps ahead in the midst of combat. She tends to jump into situations without proper planning, which forces Alphonse to formulate strategies and keep her out of trouble.


(updated as story progresses)

Identification: Archdemon

Class: Unknown

A powerful demon who works alongside the individual known as the "Many-robed One."

A massive specimen of unrivaled strength that surpasses those who led before him. He is prone to terrible acts of violence and has no qualms with torturing or killing those he deems beneath him. It is possible that the tattoos on his body depicting violent acts were those he actually committed.

His main objective is currently unkown.


(updated as story progresses)

Identification: Unknown

Class: Unknown

An insane man, once human, working with the mysterious individual known only as the "Many-robed One."

It is customary for him to tear at his own skin and inflict other self-harm. He also has a disturbing obsession with Kirie and Asa for reasons unknown.

The Many-robed One

(updated as story progresses)

A mysterious individual who conceals himself in a variety of dark garments. He is leader of the group consisting of: Korv, Div'gen and the twins.

He is an owner of a Construct Contract.

Nothing about his goals is known at this time, but he seems to have a strange obsession with Rinka.

Rinka Foirena
(updated as story progresses)
Identification: Demihuman
Class: Unknown

Mother of Kirie and Asa.
One of the owners of a Construct Contract.
A catgirl mother of considerable talent and knowledge who prepares her daughters and Alphonse for their return to the surface on Hovestile.
Beautiful and seemingly without flaw, she holds a commanding presence based on admiration and respect. Her countenance is sometimes something to be feared.
There remains a mysterious aura concerning her past and morals, but it is clear that she adores her daughters and wishes the best for them.
It is not yet revealed what she sacrificed to save her daughters, and the other deals she's made to the Construct Contract remain unknown.

The Twins

(updated as story progresses)

Identification: Unknown

Class: Unknown

Owners of a Construct Contract.

The mysterious, masked twins who share a Construct Contract. They are inseparable, as if considering themselves as a single entity, finishing each other's statements and enjoy speaking in cryptic terms.

There is a deep affection between the two, but it is unclear as to what their relationship actually is.

They are entirely obedient to the Many-robed One.


A hunting village established near the base of the Barrier Mountains in Tevilandis territory. It resides a short distance from the western border held by monsters around the Mesatend Forest.

The village's activity dwindled with the lack of manpower and increase of bipedal monsters with the constant push of the border. Adventurers also find themselves occupied with more pressing quests.

With the fall of the forts once held by Xerceld near the border, the village has become a sort of safe haven for the Xercians who survived.

The Guild Union outpost leader for the village is Daichi Coremaul.


The Central Kingdom of Hovestile. It lies to the south of the Barrier Mountains and the northern kingdom, Xersceld. Lying to the east through an area known as Sincraus Maw is the aptly named Eastern Kingdom.

It is the country that first received the outworlders from Earth.

(more information as story progresses)


(updated as story progresses)

Also referred to as the Northern Kingdom in Hovestile. Its location is north of the Barrier Mountains. The kingdom has taken up a strict policy of isolation from its southern neighbor Tevilandis, but it also holds hostility due to previous disagreements.

The country tends to intrude on Tevilandis territory in secret to pilfer resources and insert spies.

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      New Enlyghten
      Status: vol. 1 chapter 24
      Oct 19, 2020

      This is an exceptionally well written isekai story with a fresh twist I haven't seen anywhere else.  The world building is interesting, but where it really shines is the relationship building.  The characters have distinct personalities and I found myself investing in them almost from the very start.  

      The MC is not some crazy OP dude.  He is intelligent and plans ahead.  I'm not against an OP MC isekai, per se, but I prefer an intelligent MC who relies on planning and the strength of his party.  I personally like an MC who doesn't act and think like a teenager.  

      Banter is the spice of life and it's so critical yet so often overlooked in these stories.  This story has just the right amount to give you that surprised chuckle without devolving to bickering and nonsense.

      Some of the authors on this site are so possessive they bark at any commenter not fawning over their story.  This author is as far from that as I've seen here.  From pointing out (surprisingly few) typos, to a minor inconsistancy, to simple suggestions, or discussing the plot, @LordAstrea is openly welcoming and enthusiastic to hear from readers.  I don't know about you, but I find that a nice perk.

      The author has put a lot of effort and heart into this story and it shines through in every chapter and every comment.  I don't tend to post reviews, but this story deserves to be more visible than it is.

      Also - catgirl beastkin.  It doesn't get much better than that XD

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 10
      Sep 30, 2020

      Some of this story used to be on RR way back in the day and author removed it for editting. Really enjoyed it. I can see the changes made and it is very well written (so you have no reason to vanish again) ! Lol. I wish I saved my review back then but I'll just keep it short.

      Grammar: Top-notch. Barely any mistakes in chapters if any at all. Story: Gets real interesting and complex. Big world. Characters: There are a good bit, but it never gets overwhelming. I hope tea shop girl comes back (pretty plz).

      I definitely recommend giving this a shot.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c5
      Feb 22, 2020

      I liked the synopsis and he meet 2 cat girls! Thats a plus for me as a cat lover! (To bad my cat dosnt thinks the same, he comes and goes, sometimes he wants to cuddle, sometimes he ignores me)

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 5: construct link
      Jan 10, 2020

      A very solid start. The plot tikens and the future is promising. Give a chance.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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