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/ Series / My sexy childhood friend returned and…
My sexy childhood friend returned and…
My sexy childhood friend returned and…
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4.7 (154 ratings)
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Warning! This novel contains explicit sexual scenes. The cover picture isn’t my possession and all credit goes to its original creator. Special thanks to SSDDX for photoshopping it! You can find the creator of the picture here:
Also thanks for Dean Reeder for helping me in editing.
Each chapter is 20k+ words long and I’ll most likely update it around every second week.


On a fated day, Seth ran into an old acquaintance, his childhood friend. There was a slight problem, though. The once small and cute girl turned into a tempting beauty and thanks to some misfortune, she was forced to find a new lodging. Being a gentleman, Seth offered the empty room in his family house.

What the girl didn't know was that Seth was the incarnation of a god, the Egyiptian god of sex and 'creator of all things', Khem. Although he was a very conservative person, not even he could resist the girl's tempting body, which finally unlocked his slumbering potential. The nobles in the city wanted the girl for themselves since she was a talented magician, but little did they know that the world was more than the city they lived in. Meeting one threat after the other, Seth was forced to leave his cover and come out of hiding.

Naturally, he wasn't the only god incarnation around.

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AdultAdventureFantasyMatureRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Army Building Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Childhood Friends Childhood Love Comedic Undertone Cultivation Early Romance Easy Going Life Elemental Magic First Love Inheritance Magic Magic Beasts Magic Formations Male Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist R-18 Sexual Cultivation Technique Soul Power
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      Status: c14
      Jan 22, 2019

      First I'll clarify the reading status. This novel has more chapters than what's up on here and the author will surely catch up with all the released chapters soon. The chapters are very long and massive so you'll need time if you want to read them! The title may be misleading, but I can assure you that this isn't a half assed novel.Warning: there will be an adult scene in almost every chapter, about 2 000 words long but considering that every chapter is over 20 000 words, it's really not much. If you don't like that sort of stuff, you can skip it but I think that they're done well so I've read all of them. The novel is heavily focused on the adventures and life of the protagonist and his lover. One more thing, this isn't a harem novel and I can also assure you that you don't have to fear all those 'break up' scenes and annoying stuff like that between the couple. It's a 'fluffy' romance novel with some ero so it's prefect for the times when you feel a bit backed up and want to be happy!

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      11 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c14
      Jan 21, 2019

      This is actually good, kinky as hell and touching. The author know how to make his characters interesting, like Seth; he isn't an ambitious guy but would change for the one he love and reach for the sky. Then you have Lien who is definitely a feminine girl that his sometimes too frank for her own good, but she has the same thirst of knowledge as Seth so it is a match made in heaven. The grammar is really good and the plot consistent. The only thing I have against it is that sometimes I get bored from too much s*x scenes. 

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      9 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 6 – commandments and the finish line (part 1)
      Feb 21, 2019

      Cute, fluffy, deceptively long chapters, ML and FL are both level-headed and are very quick to sort their problems out. It's vanilla in the sense that if you just want a 'safe' emotional investment, you won't be disappointed. Also important to mention right off the bat is that the Author's writing skills are not going to disappoint; paragraphs are clear, smooth, and well structured. It's not artistic in any kind of literary sense but it gets the job done without breaking the immersion which is pretty rare these days in web novels. Author's descriptions for the characters' appearances are somewhat lacking (especially for the ML) and not having any illustrations really doesn't help any either. This is a problem since 40% of this is smut or someone talking about how good-looking Lien is or Lien talking about how good-looking Seth is. Sure they have that cover illustration but it just doesn't resonate with the descriptions so idk if that's just the best image the author could get his hands on or if he actually guided the drawing and I'm the one who just doesn't want to accept it. Overall, it's perfect for degenerates like me and I'm excited to keep reading after spending probably a total of 4 hours reading (fapping and zoning out excluded) just to reach this 6th chapter. Speaking of fapping, this novel will give you boners for sure but it won't be enough to nut.

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
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