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/ Series / Legend Of Mog – Runes Of Power
Legend Of Mog – Runes Of Power
Legend Of Mog – Runes Of Power
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In a far distant universe, In a medieval and barbaric game-like setting, follow Mog, a half-orc child as he becomes a slave, fights to the death in the arena,Faces evil monsters and men alike,joins epic battles of kingdoms and empires!!!
all the while facing the dark side of society, facing discrimination, scorn, evil schemes and plots, hidden agendas of gods....
And conquers(?) sexy ladies... Join him as he unravles the mysterys of the world of Aessonia and the Runes of power....and more....

Disclaimer: hi guys this is my work EVER, and i am working on this alone so i would appreciate it if you will be tolerant in the comment section.
Also, this is a free work on SCRIBBLE HUB, Meaning that if you find this copy pasted on sites like WUXIAWORLD or QIDIAN INTERNATIONAL,
Then not only are you scammed, you will probobly get an unedited version of my writing that i may change WHENEVER I WANT.
also, like i mentioned, it is a free work. meaning that i may STOP writing this WHENEVER I WANT OR NEED, so DONT FLOOD THE COMMENT SECTION about not updating, Or i just MIGHT stop writing this novel altogether.
also, im alone, meaning that i am also the editor of this novel. be sure to comment if you see something wrong and ill try and fix it in a jiffy.

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyLitRPGMartial ArtsMatureSupernaturalTragedy
Adultery Adventurers Age Progression Alchemy Antihero Protagonist Archery Army Average-looking Protagonist Beastkin Bodyguards Cannibalism Cheats Crime Dark Dragons Elves Empires Fearless Protagonist Gladiators Kingdoms Necromancer Orcs Prostitutes Rape Slow Growth at Start
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