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Wishing Well
Wishing Well
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When his university has a "Gender Swap Day," Jack doesn't really want anything to do with it, being grossed out by the stereotypes on display. Especially the guys, parading around as the most over-exaggerated versions of femininity one could imagine. But at the same time, part of him does wish he could fit in, even if he really doesn't want to be just another stereotype. Little does he know that sometimes, wishes do come true. And this one in particular hits rather close to home.

Gender BenderSlice of Life
Female Protagonist Identity Crisis Magic Male to Female Transgender
  1. 6: No Longer an AllyJan 18, 2020
  2. 5: AloneJan 14, 2020
  3. 4: Winner’s LossJan 10, 2020
  4. 3: Impostor SyndromeJan 5, 2020
  5. 2: Just a QuarterJan 3, 2020
  6. 1: Out of PlaceJan 1, 2020
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