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/ Series / (BL) I just wanted to take a break, so why the script changed?!
(BL) I just wanted to take a break, so why the script changed?!
(BL) I just wanted to take a break, so why the script changed?!
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Al was a young man, who transmigrated into different worlds and played some minor gay roles. He was the worst in his job, always messing up the stories.
"I quit!" he said after a really bad ending.
[Hahaha! You think, you can?! Dream on!] the System laughed.
"... Then let me take a break..." he begged.
[As you wish! But don't forget the payment!]

ActionAdultBoys LoveDramaFantasyGender BenderMatureRomance
Acting Alternate World Apocalypse Betrayal Bullying Devoted Love Interests Glasses-wearing Protagonist Hated Protagonist Human Experimentation Love at First Sight Male Protagonist Misunderstandings Modern Day Mpreg Past Trauma Protagonist Falls in Love First Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Revenge Straight Seme Survival Transmigration Unlucky Protagonist Zombies
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    Status: extra 2 – after rebirth

    Idk if the extras are still gonna be continued but even if this novel goes on to 200 or 300+ chapters I'LL STILL READ ITTTTT ? 

    I still want to know what happened in the extras and also the OTHER WORLDS!!!! I freaking hate that I'm a broke ass bishhhhh I wouldn't hesitate to throw money at you if I'm still not a studenttttt F*CKKKKKK


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    4 Likes · Like

    A good read with very fleshed-out characters. Would like to know if the author has written a sequel or extra about MC and ML in another world.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: extra 2 – after rebirth

    The writer is really good at making you love the characters. The MC is my child now and I want to protect him and hope he can finally leave the building and go out into that world! I cried a lot in the beginning but later there’s enough fluff and I liked the world building. I hope the author is able to write more arcs for the MC and one day put them all together into a novel like the other QTs out there. I know the MLs might be diff in each world but I sincerely hope they are all the same person or become one with the power of love! 

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