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/ Series / Extra Nobody (Dead, Axed, can’t do it anymore, sorry…)
Extra Nobody (Dead, Axed, can’t do it anymore, sorry…)
Extra Nobody (Dead, Axed, can’t do it anymore, sorry…)
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4.2 (68 ratings)
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(Author's words, "I didn't manage to finish it, but we've come a long way, thank you for reading so far. I'd like to write more OG fics from now on, though I'd still be writing a fanfic here and their.")
This is... so trippy...
Like... Hmmm... How do I explain this?
I am now inside the novel, where the main protagonist is inside his own novel.
Does that even make sense?

After reading [The Novel's Extra] by Jee Gab Song over and over again from the novel, manhwa adaptation, and back, I am now in this situation where I have to live throughout the story as another extra. Sigh... and... daym... What is Chae Nayun doing there?

Edit: I just want to add, cuz I am guilty as charged that it isn't as pronounced as I like it, but there really will be romance, though that only becomes very apparent when the novel is about to end... so I apologize for those who got baited by the romance tag...

Warning: The plot can be very convoluted and it has the same phasing as MHA.

ActionComedyDramaFanfictionFantasyIsekaiRomanceSchool LifeSci-fi
The Novel's Extra
Academy Accelerated Growth Battle Academy Character Growth Clever Protagonist Guilds Modern Fantasy Transmigration Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 248
Reviews 5
Table of Contents
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    Status: c56

    There is no romance. Lol I got baited by the romance tag. The author setup the MC with yeonha so many times.I thought she Was the love interest. But no I guess, she got kissed by a devil. So yh just a head ups for anyone wanted ng to read this. The story is nice though. 

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    Status: 89. stealing a tower ii

    This is a really good fanfic of The Novel's Extra. The story starts off with the Mc 


    Hyon Hyung

    gathering his bearings during the first part of TNE, when the characters were first introduced.

    Following that the events are mostly similar to the Canon up until 


    Yeonha's event

    One of the primary reasons for the change in Canon being

    Chae Nayun's regression

    At that point the story diverged away from Canon and became different entirely. 

    Secrets are told, various truths unfold and unlikely allies are recruited.

    I reccomend giving this story a try, if you find the review helpful and want to read a TNE fic that is different from others. 

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    Status: 139. self sacrifice vi

    Plot wise this is better then The Novel's Extra. Since everyone kind of agrees fell hard when it comes to resolve a certain incident. I can't exactly talk about this story until I talk about the original. The original the Novel's Extra left a lot of people unsatisfied on it conclusions. It left a lot of characters without a good resolutions. That why we write fanfiction, we want fix the mistake the author had made.

    This is a fanfiction, yet it fixes a lot of issues the originals has. Better plot. Better character interactions. Also it is fun to read. My recommendation read this gem of a fanfiction. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c113

    Its an amazing read, author gives attention to all the main character students in TNE using them for the plot, the action scenes are written well, read it cuz its entertaining for me and it might also be entertaining for you. I made an account just for this story <3

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    Status: 207. destiny iv

    Keep in mind the current chapter of this review is the latest one on it's made date. I would also recommend reading TNE while learning at least a vast majority of the major characters before reading this. This would be about the first half of TNE before reading, but keep in mind you will still get spoilers as TNE is a big novel.

    In my opinion, this is the best TNE fanfic I have ever read. That doesn't offer much value as this is the only one I have read, but I really don't see any fanfic that could be better than this one. Well received from me after reading the first 208 chapters.

    The TNE characters are made really true to original, and there are cases where there is even better char. Development AND char. Building than the original. This is an original story as much as you can think of, considering it's fanfic exterior. This is what kept me as this fanfic remains true to TNE until the author works his magic and expands even better than the TNE author, making you think, "This changes everything.", making it more significant than just "Oh, the MC is also here, extra nobody in TNE, nothing else, keep going.".

    Through worldbuilding alone, he makes a non-canon rendition that makes the TNE plot expand beyond it's borders, literally. You could say I'm guilty of having enjoyed this more than TNE.

    The MC isn't the only thing changing the TNEverse, as there are changes that occur alongside his transmigration. And it's not just focused on the MC, being that the other protags have a significant role also, and it's really put that way to you through the writing and worldbuilding.

    The MC, imo, stands out as a unique existence that you could really see being a true protagonist as much as Hajin, despite being an outlier. He'll make some of you cringe, because of his personality, and the author will introduce jokes of our culture often through him, but his development will be well made and he would seem weak at first, until a certain amount of time where his unique abilities will have you convinced he's someone significant, along with build up on his personality, alongside expanding the other protagonists indirectly so. 

    There is no better way to convince you why to read than to read the novel itself, as it hooks you almost immediately. (I am really confident about this because I have an ADHD brain.)

    There is a lot of things that can be done in a short span of time in the novel, cluttering a lot of chapters as material, seeming fast yet slow pace at the same time, with timeskips that leave you feeling not much to complain about. The author in particular is a very accomodating one, as well, imo I would let him cook.

    Now excuse me, because I am going to have to heart all the chapters all over because I normally read Scribblehub incognito, before seeing everything to see, to make a review on novels, as well as make comments. I won't make the same mistake anymore on this one though.

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