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/ Series / A Piece Left Behind
A Piece Left Behind
A Piece Left Behind
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War is never a pleasant experience. The Great War was suppose to be the war to end all wars, but twenty years later an even more destructive conflict erupted. Emile was just a boy in 1916, but after his baptism by fire at Verdun, he became a man. His life was filled with action, adventure, and tragedy, but throughout it all he had a partner, one that was always by his side. When it was finally time for him to pass on to the next world, fate didn't allow the war hero to fade into obscurity. Reborn on a new world with his partner in toe, it was time to see what kind of adventure was in store for him this time. Would he be allowed peace? Or would he be forced onto the battlefield again?

Release Schedule is currently Mondays at 1201 AM EST.
This series is only on SH! If you see it somewhere else, that's an issue.
My Other Works!

Thanks to Drrx for helping with the title card and for the lovely people in my discord for helping give feedback pre-release!

This series is on pause for the foreseeable future.

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Appearance Different from Actual Age Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Clever Protagonist Confident Protagonist Death Depictions of Cruelty Doctors Empires Firearms Knights Magic Male Protagonist Medical Knowledge Military Modern Knowledge Nobles Past Trauma Politics Soldiers Spirits Technological Gap Unique Weapon User Wars
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