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/ Series / I Am Naruto’s Hidden Evil Personality!
I Am Naruto’s Hidden Evil Personality!
I Am Naruto’s Hidden Evil Personality!
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4.3 (12 ratings)
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Kaze enters the Naruto world, embodying Naruto's suppressed dark side.

Having lived Naruto's experiences, he seeks revenge, unable to show kindness or forgive.

Kaze plans to take everything in his own hands. He'll make sure those that bullied Naruto saw no peace.

Simultaneously, he manipulates and undermines Naruto's influence.

Dark whispers corroded Naruto's pure mind.

"Naruto, a king differs from a pawn."

"All suffering arises from personal inadequacy."

"You can't protect; you can only kill."

"Surrender to superior strength."

"Leave everything to me."

"I'll carve out a river of blood..."


Note- This is a translated novel.

Original Title- Naruto: I Became Naruto's Blackened Personality

Author- Scorpian hook

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Updates -

8 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Evil Protagonist Ruthless Protagonist System Administrator Transmigration
Table of Contents 101
  1. 101Dec 2, 2023
  2. 100Dec 1, 2023
  3. 99Nov 22, 2023
  4. 98Nov 22, 2023
  5. 97Nov 20, 2023
  6. 96Nov 20, 2023
  7. 95Nov 20, 2023
  8. 94Nov 18, 2023
  9. 93Nov 18, 2023
  10. 92Nov 18, 2023
  11. 91Nov 14, 2023
  12. 90Nov 13, 2023
  13. 89Nov 12, 2023
  14. 88Nov 12, 2023
  15. 87Nov 12, 2023
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