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/ Series / Fate Points (LITrpg, Population Portal with Unique Mechanics)
Fate Points (LITrpg, Population Portal with Unique Mechanics)
Fate Points (LITrpg, Population Portal with Unique Mechanics)
87.1k Views 3515 Favorites 325 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 357 Readers
4.3 (24 ratings)
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I'll be posting 4 chapter weekly - Also there is a podcast production of this series avaialble on all the major podcasters and youtube. If you prefer to consume via your ears that might be the best option for you.

The fate of humanity did not rest on Tom, but it sure felt like it. Then again, despite their numbers all the chosen felt the same way.

The trial, the tutorial, or whatever you wanted to name it, was over. After forty long solitary years spent mastering the system, Tom, with his abilities reset was going to have to do it all again to save humanity.

The cost of failure would have an unimaginable impact on his friends and family. His sacrifices had propelled him into the top million, giving him the opportunity to make a difference. And he had a risky plan to do so.

Against their will, humanity had been chosen, and all Tom could do was to work with the system.

Universe spanning gods ran a regular competition on a world called Existentia where they pitted seven species from different universes all of whom have dominated their home planet against each other.

But a straight-out fight would be too simple. Existentia is a living, breathing, impossibly large, magical world with existing empires, secrets, dungeons and trials. The seven races in the current iteration of the competition have their own unique advantages to exploit, but first they have to survive long enough to show their worth.

Fate points is a third person single POV litrpg with a unique system and mechanics and strong, complicated side-characters.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyLitRPGMysteryRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Bloodlines Character Growth Dragons Dungeons Elemental Magic Evil Gods Godly Powers Golems Heroes Level System Lost Civilizations Lucky Protagonist Magic Magic Beasts Magic Formations Monsters Mystery Solving Secrets Skill Creation Strategist Survival Teamwork Transported into Another World
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c209

    This story is very fleshed out with a lot of relatable character interactions. The system is unique enough to be interesting and structured enough to be comfortable with it. The MC is strong but not very OP as of yet, his build lend to extreme growth but it is a slow thing. The author is a fan of having a lot of irons in the fire as well so it adds some anxiety to the speed of the developing plot. I am surprised it doesn't have more traffic than it does at this moment. If you are reading this review to decide if you wanna give it a chance then I recommend you do. It is worth the time and it is quite good at enducing emotive response which I feel is a key demarcation point in quality literature.

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    Status: chapter 230

    Agree with the other review about how it would be nice to flesh out the other characters a bit more and there is a lot of condensing which could be done in the narrative. 

    However the key thing for me was that the story has been compelling, pulling me on through the narrative and keeping me interested in what comes next and what the endgame will be.  English quality had been good, flowing well and generally letting the story be the focus point. 

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    Status: c50

    weak, until the moment I read it nothing interested me enough to continue.


    the "romance" is bad and tasteless (it's not very offensive anyway) and it doesn't make any sense for him to be able to enter her system room let alone for them to do it all the time for no good reason, she keeps screaming useless as if it weren't a nickname, useless is not a light curse that can be converted into a nickname like that out of the blue, especially when whoever started it really wanted to offend and diminish the protagonist, it's so bad that the author has to write several times every time lines remembering that only his "friends" can call him that so even if others try to approach the protagonist by starting to call him by his "nickname" or even when referring to him it causes discussion and fights precisely because useless is not a nickname at all none in any world or for any reason is the same as calling someone a ret*rd and they want it to be just a nickname.

    It was painful to understand what had happened at the beginning of the story simply because it was poorly written, for that same reason and because the author wanted to remain mysterious the general rules are not well covered, such as: limits and rules of the system, superior beings (supreme god and the others (not even questions or inconits about them)), the abilities, the monsters, the ranks (how do they know each other's rank), why their arrival times are reversed (I don't see any reason other than the decrease in the merit of the protagonist, which also makes no sense since everyone who arrived after him should have seen him and then noticed that he spent more time on the test which would have already demonstrated his power, determination, skill and knowledge) and because the protagonist did not took the lead in the discussion about what to do to the barrier? He doesn't even insist on participating, he just leaves it up to luck to decide.

    It seems that the best 1% of humanity is very dumb not even having the ability to put their problems aside temporarily to solve the most pressing problem, the initial deaths could have been avoided with a little more planning or preparation (at the very least lessened).

    But after spending the week fermenting this criticism I noticed that what weighed most on my decision to release this novel was the "romance" that breaks all the immersion I have in the story and just leaves me tired and bored every time they interact, neither of the two characters were developed enough for me to care or they haven't even left the male and female basics yet, if you changed the name of the two for any other it wouldn't make any difference, it seems to me that they are just absurdly horny and are confused about whether it's lust or love and instead of stopping and letting the lust subside or love blossom they constantly force it to seem like it's love (since it's clearly horny) since they've only known each other for a few days and are on a mission of infinite importance and in a place of great danger, in short, they want to have s*x but it's not the right time or place for it to even be considered.

    So the novel, the nickname, the lack of limitations, I don't know where the protagonist is aiming, the best 1% of humanity seems stupid to me and for all that, after 50 chapters (which are not short) I dropped the novel (probably the review was incoherent and repetitive because I wrote half of it after a week and I don't want to rewrite the whole thing).

    I hope this doesn't discourage the writer or reader interested in this novel because I actually see a lot of potential and I think that almost everything I said about the novel will be resolved with time, I just don't want to force myself so much to read more than 50 chaps to find that it has not improved.


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    Status: chapter 154

    Almost Brilliant:

    I am writing this review somewhat in response to the other one, though I'll try to avoid directly referencing it.  I will say I felt it was mostly off base in its assessment, or at least excessively negative.

    Anyway, moving on, my thoughts.  There are a lot of very good things about this story.  The characters have a bit of nuance, there's plenty happening, and the characters mostly feel pretty grounded.

    The MC is definitely impactful, but he doesn't feel like another OP'Mc'Never-do-Wrongerson like you get in most LitRPGs.  Instead he's just a guy with big ambitions and the grit to carry them through.  He even has some moral complexity and plenty of doubts.

    The world building is also pretty interesting and very in depth.  I wouldn't be surprised if the author half finished a whole ass skill system by the time he got to the latest chapters.  There is also some promise of a whole world of drama and conflict out their waiting for our characters to deal with it.

    In sum, in spite of generally trying to avoid LitRPG, because I think it's like the digital equivalent of sh*tty meth laced with fentanyl, I expect I'll keep up with this story until the author inevitably collapses from overwork or w/e.

    Anyway, that's the praise, but that doesn't explain the "almost" up there, so on to the critiques.

    To start, this might be a me thing, but holy sh*t long-plot is long.  To say this mf is a slow burn is like saying Sagittarius A* is going to be around for a bit.  It's a true statement, but it doesn't really capture the spirit of the thing.

    If there was one thing that I think holds this back from being a genuinely good story it's the length.  I don't mean good as in "a good litRPG", because it's already a magnificent one of those (the genre drags as a rule), but I can see the makings of an actual good story.  It'd have to be finished, then cut down to a fraction of its length via the power of brutal editing, but I could see it.  It the author ever gets into novels I bet he'd be good at them.

    Anyway, my other complaints are less dire.  The other characters are somewhat sparsely portrayed, and the narrative has a habit of killing off good sources of conflict exacerbating the problem.  The only character who is pretty well developed asides from the MC is his girlfriend.  There are others with plenty of promise (especially the "doctor", imo, though he sure takes his sweet time to show up), and there are least hints that the author himself has a strong idea what the other characters are like, but he just doesn't give them enough time (which is especially egregious given the already tremendous length).  Still, they show promise, so in another 100k words I expect there will be at least three fully fleshed out characters.

    The only other thing I can think of is that I think the MC spends too much time *telling* us about how he messed up, and the story spends too little time *showing* us his mistakes.  He's not exactly Mr. McPerfectNeverActuallyFails, but so far he's been getting away with a little too much, imo.  There's a lot of consequence between "slap on the wrist" and "total human genocide" which could be explored, so I'm hoping we'll start to get a real sense of gravity in the story (eventually).  The author actually seems interested in telling that kind of story, so I'm hoping with a bit more experience and confidence he'll give it a try.

    Anyway anyway, I think that's enough novella review.  I like this story, and I've been really enjoying having so much of it.  I hope the author is able to make good on his promise of five chapters a week.

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