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/ Series / The (Male) Yandere Cooks for the Villain in Each World
The (Male) Yandere Cooks for the Villain in Each World
The (Male) Yandere Cooks for the Villain in Each World
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After joining the Villain system, the Villain was forced to do world upon world growing emotionless from the pain and suffering put upon her in each world.
That is- until she met him...

He cooked, he cleaned, pampering her day and night, long ago having fallen hopelessly in love with her, chasing her from world to world (and till the ends of the earth.) Still she could not give him her heart that had long ago turned into a brick...

A certain handsome man with a chilling smile: "Ah, if your heart is a brick then all I have to do is melt it with my poisonous love"

The Villain: "( T ʖ̯ T) System... I thought you said we lost him in the last world...

System: "Haha, I thought so too host, ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^) guess I made a mistake."

Villian: "(;一_一) well let's leave now and ditch him in this world the-"

* Suddenly the air turned cold

System: " Sorry host! Something seems to be blocking my data right now... ( ˃̣̣̥‸˂̣̣̥) I must leave for a bit to go investigate! ‧º·(˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥⋆)‧º·˚"

A certain handsome man with dark eyes: "Haha, why do I suddenly get the feeling you are trying to escape from me again...
Ah I couldn't live if that happened, if you are going to run away then... I'll just chain you up and keep you here forever!
After all, long ago I chose to embrace this crazy love as I cannot live without you.
I wish to pamper you for an eternity, loving you and only you, all I ask is that you don't run away aga-

The Villian: ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

Anniversary Competition
Antihero Protagonist Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Cold Protagonist Conspiracies Cooking Cunning Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Love Interest Falls in Love First Male Yandere Multiple Realms Possessive Characters Post-apocalyptic Strong Love Interests System Administrator Unconditional Love Villainess Noble Girls Weak to Strong World Hopping Yandere
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      Status: chp 28
      Jan 9, 2020

      This is kind of cheesy, but it also makes you feel good after reading it. It's definetly something more fluffy that focuses on satisfaction, especially considering how sh*tty novel situations can be or how horrible our world actually is. Great escape from reality, and I'm ready to suc everything when it gets updated 

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