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/ Series / The Key To Seven Grimoires Defiles Evil
The Key To Seven Grimoires Defiles Evil
The Key To Seven Grimoires Defiles Evil
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After a rampant disappearance of young people, A notorious serial killer is terrorizing the augmented virtual reality industry by killing people in-game and in real life. That stopped when the killer mysteriously vanished and was sent into another world.

Gevanni is an odd highschooler who wants to become part of the world's top players in the most trending augmented virtual reality game, Herscheim. However, when he met a seemingly real female demon, he was transported into another world.

Gevanni possesses a sentient grimoire that can copy and merge skills. With his prodigious wits and adaptability, he'll wage war against the other six cursed grimoire users who were transported in the same world as him.



(1) I made a manga based on this novel's prologue 2nd half and please read it.

Small Note: This is my first novel ever written (as pastime), and English is my second language so please bear with me (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

Warning: Please credit me if you decided to save my art and repost it somewhere.

Acting Androgynous Characters Appearance Changes Assassins Betrayal Blackmail Blood Manipulation Boss-Subordinate Relationship Brainwashing Charismatic Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Demi-Humans Demons Dolls/Puppets Dungeons Evil Organizations Fantasy Creatures Fast Learner Half-human Protagonist Loli Military Secret Organizations Wars Yandere
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      Status: chapter v; uncertainty — part iii
      Apr 19, 2020

      A story that can be summed up in chaotic, strange and interesting. I expect more chapters and some explanations.

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