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/ Series / The New Golden Era (Vol 4 Published)
The New Golden Era (Vol 4 Published)
The New Golden Era (Vol 4 Published)
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Sequel to ‘The Doomed and Blessed, 13th Young Miss’

Over a century ago, there was a Golden Emperor, and a golden bridge that connected all the Haven’s together…Now there is no Golden Emperor, there is no Golden Haven…
For many years, ‘Golden Heirs’ had wanted the Golden throne for themselves and had started to get the trust of other Haven’s to accomplish that feat once again…As one is only deemed the Golden Emperor after getting the trust from all the other Haven’s, then, the golden bridge can be remade and then they will have everyone else beneath them!

A war is approaching Green Haven, so that one can accomplish this dream. Two Haven’s against one. Two ‘Golden Heir’s’ against one ‘True Golden Heir’. A General whom can hardly wait, a mother with red eyes, a protector, a loyal beast and…A little one…

Hiding away, among the shadows, is one that wants a life!
Stepping, and making the earth tremble, are ones that destroy whole Haven’s by themselves!

With all of this…What will produce a great New Golden Era?

Sexual Content and Strong Language isn’t often

Army Awkward Protagonist Beast Companions Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Conditional Power Cultivation Death Destiny Doting Parents Enlightenment Family Conflict Generals Healing Kingdom Building Pregnancy Righteous Protagonist Royalty Secrets Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Sentimental Protagonist Sudden Strength Gain Teamwork Unique Cultivation Technique Xianxia
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