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Marvel Mayhem
Marvel Mayhem
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3.4 (58 ratings)
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A failed minor super villain in the Marvel Universe, the protagonist was beaten up and crippled by superheroes but he receives a second chance.

With a second life and new powers, he gets a chance to become a hero???? No, just kidding. He uses his second chance to live the life he always wanted.

Marvel Comics
Abusive Characters Aggressive Characters Anti-social Protagonist Based on a Visual Novel Body Tempering Clones Cruel Characters Evil Protagonist Mind Control Netorare Special Abilities
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      Boring!!!! This is pure smut without any story! Plus MC basically mind controls all of his targets which makes it so easy and repetitive. There is no reaction no struggle, nothing! Also, MC sharing his girls is also quite distasteful. 

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      Status: c13

      Characters with personality, what's that? An interesting engaging plot that will keep you hooked? Never heard of such a thing! How about mindless smut that will make you lose brain cells. Hell yes.

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