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/ Series / Kami-chan! The Hero Ran Away!
Kami-chan! The Hero Ran Away!
Kami-chan! The Hero Ran Away!
8.4k Views 89 Favorites 12 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 112 Readers
4.5 (11 ratings)
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Yuu Go is an ordinary businessman. During the day he sits behind his cubicle, crunching away at numbers, while at night he returns home to enjoy some light novels and video games. It’s a bit mundane, but he likes it that way. Yet, one day, he’s suddenly transported to another world and given the strongest power!

A story about a hero running away from his duties despite being the strongest!

ComedyIsekaiSlice of Life
Accelerated Growth Demon Lord Fantasy World Gods Overpowered Protagonist
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Table of Contents 12
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Table of Contents
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    There's 10 chapters released at the point of this review.

    So far, it's a funny story that's worth reading. Look out for the character names, because they're all puns 

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