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/ Series / Taking Over the Villainess’ Body: 365 Days Left to Live?
Taking Over the Villainess’ Body: 365 Days Left to Live?
Taking Over the Villainess’ Body: 365 Days Left to Live?
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4.7 (200 ratings)
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Ann, a corporate slave in the modern life, suddenly couldn’t resist her body’s drowsiness and fell asleep after working non-stop for... who-knows-how-long. Her sleep wasn’t a good one as she was overly worried she wouldn’t be able to finish her work. When she finally woke up, she was greatly shocked.

An unknown room, an unknown man with his icy expression, and moreover, the man addressed her as “Arlea”, and not “Ann”.
And then she finally realized. She somehow ended up in the body of “Arlea”—a villainess in the fantasy/romance otome game she had played in the past, when she still had free time to relax. To make things worse, she remembered that in the next one year, she—Arlea—was fated to die.

‘In such a situation, what should I do?’
‘Let’s think seriously of a way to overturn the situation?’
‘But hold on, what if I can’t change the scenario? Why bother?’

Having lived her days in the modern life as a serious and restrained woman who became a corporate slave to her death, Ann finally decided... to spend her additional 365 days to live well, and to cross out some of her bucket list that she could still do!

'If I can avoid my death, it's good. If not, at least I've enjoyed my additional time here in this fantasy world where magic and monsters exist, where I don't need to slave away my life ridiculously for the corporate!'

Little did she know that her decision would cause everyone who knew Arlea to be very surprised and alarmed with her change.
What happened to the villainous, hateful woman called Arlea? Why did she become like this? What is she scheming now??
Let's see how long she can keep up her pretense!

Can she avoid her death flag, or will she be able to survive more than the designed 365 days?

28/4/2022: Title changed to better reflect the story as I've gotten comments that the previous title didn't seem to fit and misled people about the story.

ComedyDramaFantasyIsekaiJoseiPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life
Arranged Marriage Carefree Protagonist Enemies Become Lovers Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Elements Handsome Male Lead Hated Protagonist Hiding True Identity Kingdoms Magic Magic Beasts Maids Marriage Marriage of Convenience Medieval Misunderstandings Nobles Older Love Interests Otome Game Power Struggle Strong Love Interests Transmigration Transported into a Game World Villainess Noble Girls
Table of Contents 122
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c27

    Where's 'Live as I like' part?

    Passive protagonist who don't fight back.

    At first I though that she don't care about anything and want to live as she please in her own pleasure.

    Turn out she really obediently receive everything without fight back. Even if she doesn't like it.

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    22 Likes · Like
    Status: c15

    the MC is a yes men to her husband and there is no "living as I please" when


    he forces MC to get a tutor for table manners and she instantly accept



    when the MC picked a maid from the street the ML instantly tried to trow the maid away only for the MC to BEG the ML to keep her


    and many more! The MC is a doormat!

    other than that the story feels like many of the other slice of life villainess reincarnation story in this site:


    MC has a cheat magic, the former owner of the body was a psycho, everyone hate her


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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: c27

    This is such a good read, each chapter leaves you yearning for more. The plot keeps you invested in the characters and the style of writing makes the story really easy to read.

    I'm looking forward to more chapters x

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    5 Likes · Like

    What should I write? Well, I really enjoy the chapter. I binge read as I'm still new here.

    I would recommend you to give it a try!

    The story is amazing.

    Cheers from singapore!

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 28 – want to sell!

    While I personally find egregious misunderstandings annoying, they don't go overboard here like most stories that use them do. I have tried to read other stories of this premise and this is the only 1 that's not just a completely unrealistic cringefest. Solid 5/5

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 13 – pure water magic

    so far it is amazing, I am glad to see that it isn't like most stories in this catagory, it is well writen and somting that I consider enjoyable to read.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 57 – a stroll in the...

    Very much enjoyed it! Looking forward to what's going to happen next and not looking forward to waiting ~3 months to have enough chapters to binge on! #Sadge

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like

    Ahh I started reading this with low expectations and I was blown away..

    I wasn't expecting such feels to hit me head on

    Definitely recommended

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    2 Likes · Like

    This is a great story, sorta similar to the otome game which is also good.

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    1 Likes · Like

    It's pretty fine to read actually, its still hilarious and in its prime so, read it for  yourself

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    1 Likes · Like
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