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/ Series / NeoRealm – Staring Back Into the Future
NeoRealm – Staring Back Into the Future
NeoRealm – Staring Back Into the Future
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4.2 (70 ratings)
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The only places I have posted the story and allow it to exist are on RoyalRoad, Scribblehub, and my Patreon.

Jason has just turned 18 and will be finally be able to play The biggest VR game out there, NeoRealm. Using a bit of knowledge from his past (life) he wants to start his adult life with a bang. Taking the road less traveled will sound quaint compare to where he wants to go.

~NeoRealm~ the most realistic VR game to date. A Fantasy world which even after years of exploration is still mostly unknown. Want to experience the mysteries of the Arcane? Become one of the many types of Magic Users and work to improve your ranking till you can move mountains, or just flatten them if you prefer. Do you just desire to wield sheer physical power? Then train your melee skills beyond all others and decimate towns with a single swing. Or maybe you just want to know what its like to be a cat person. We have those too. Come on in and join us at 5x the speed of boring old reality (you heard us right, not your average everyday 4x time compression!). *WARNING – limited to those age 18 and up, we are not responsible for any minor losing their grasp on reality, sanity, or species

ActionAdventureFantasyLitRPGMartial ArtsSci-fi
Adventurers Alternate World Artificial Intelligence Average-looking Protagonist Beasts Body Tempering Calm Protagonist Confident Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Futuristic Setting Game Elements Level System Magic Male Protagonist Monsters Mutated Creatures Mythical Beasts Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation RPG Skill Creation Teamwork Unique Cultivation Technique Virtual Reality
Table of Contents 257
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 135 – cutting hundreds of skills

    Good world building and concepts but bad execution.

    While not fully original anymore, the main concept of a reincarnated cultivator playing a vrmmo that has basically taken over the world is pretty interesting. Especially with the scale of the worlds that are being described. 

    However the actual execution when writing a character exploring this world and its system is pretty bad. An MC that constantly talks about looking for challenging fights who then consistently sneak attacks and easily defeats monsters described as challening with seemingly no challenge at all. Needing tons of xp but ignoring other more easily killed monsters cause they are too easy to fight. Traveling days or weeks on end through areas described as monster infested without fighting any monsters. Level caps on info being available when it would easily be spread by word of mouth instead with no detriment to gameplay as using that knowledge itself is level locked. Greatly overestimating traveling times between places when taking into account normal walking times aided by skills and stats. A road that actively slows people down by affecting their stamina, despite the affect in such a case most people would just walk along side it to avoid it but still have level ground. The MC suddenly buying and using some daggers for seemingly no reason after over a hundred chapters of actively being an unarmed fighter. Overall a lot of self contradictory things and a really bad pace that doesn't add anything to the story and instead just makes boring parts last forever. Could honestly cut out half of it with little rewriting and lose nothing important.

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    Status: chapter 57 – hypocrites’ cookies

    This novel covers a reincarnated fellow that used to be friends with the Hero of a classic Demons vs Humans world.  After his death he reincarnates on Earth with all his memories and grows up being a loner and training his body up until he turns 18 and can play NeoRealm.  He's a strong fellow that makes good use of his experience from his past life and whilst his character isn't totally fleshed out yet, he's fairly interesting. The game world is incredibly well thought out by the author and clearly his D&D experience really comes through here.  It's amazing to see the detail he puts into it whilst not making the detail overwhelming to the point of insignificance. My only gripe with the novel so far is the lack of depth to the characters.  I don't have any feelings involved in any of them and they don't really have fleshed out personalities yet.  I'm hoping to see this pan out more as the story progresses. And you better believe that I will be here to see the story progress.  I recommend this story to anyone that likes Games element novels.

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    Status: chapter 168 – its a flower, its...

    The concept is great, but the execution falls (sadly) short. This novel starts out interesting, but quickly starts to drag. You end up with a dozen chapters of world building and exposition, followed by a few (short) chapters of action, followed by another dozen chapters of exposition and world building. Then you repeat, starting with ANOTHER dozen chapters of world building. Or you get dragged away from the main character to find out what some side character is doing, which completely kills any flow it might have been developing.

    There also seems to be a whole second story going on outside of the vrmmo world, but it only seems to be there to break the flow of the story. The two stories take a lot of time away from each other, while even more focus is thrown on to the world building.

    The world seems wonderful, and it's easy to see that a huge amount of effort and creativity went in to making it. I really want to learn about it, but the author is so focused on telling us about the world that they forgot to tell us a story to go with it. This novel reads like an encyclopedia: you can learn a ton about the world and it's system, but don't expect to enjoy it.

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    Status: c181

    Great story, immersive and huge!

    As is the author style (or it seems so) the world building is well done, but be warned, there is "info dumps" and complexes world rule.

    This is not a light story (nor a 5-headed-monster, but you get my point) if you want to understand the book's world, you will need to pay attention and at least try to get the core of it.

    The character are all interesting, haven't seen one yet who is unbelievable (then again, this is a game world and the boundaries are blurry). MC, the mom, the Mc's group and the NPC's all are nice to read about (there is even side stories at the end of each book)

    And if you caught what I mean good, if not well, then be know, this will probably be a long book, if I was to guess, I would say about 1000 chapter or something (then again Im basing this guess on the beginning of the story, which may have way more information given than next chapters, as it may be presenting to us the book's lore) as there is a lot to expend and the MC is still learning and growing.

    RPG elements along side cultivation. Yeah, meridians and sh*t, though the theory is way more nice to read about (on my opinion).

    Plants darling, PLANTS! ~ (*°*) ~

    And alchemy! And rabbits!

    Hmm, I guess thats it, if you think you may like it, give the story a try.

    Bye bye \ ($u$) /

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