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/ Series / Apocalypse: The Tales of the Death Knight
Apocalypse: The Tales of the Death Knight
Apocalypse: The Tales of the Death Knight
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Felix was in despair, not because of that the apocalypse began nor is it because he saw many people dying in front of him neither is it because he can't eat good food anymore but because he can't sleep anymore!

Sleeping was one of the best things in his life, even if he worked overtime, as long he could sleep he will be a happy man, but now he couldn't sleep anymore because he isn't human anymore but more like an undead!

Now, Felix needed to find a solution to his problem in his new body, in this apocalypse where everything will stand in his way!

(Btw, cover isn't mine, from pinterest)

Antihero Protagonist Cruel Characters Modern Time Non-human Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Romantic Subplot Strong to Stronger
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