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/ Series / Knowledge and Power: Reincarnated Into A Society That Only Values Strength.
Knowledge and Power: Reincarnated Into A Society That Only Values Strength.
Knowledge and Power: Reincarnated Into A Society That Only Values Strength.
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4.1 (35 ratings)
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This is a slow-burn isekai story about a young girl named Siya who was born with a weak body into a world that only cares about Strength. Because of this, she isn’t able to even use the only thing she has going for her, a knack for strategy, which is the last thing that the nation of meat heads seems to care about.

She faces many hardships and trials, struggling through abuse, grueling training, and seeing death around every turn. Despite all of this, she presses on, grasping at straws and using everything at her disposal to survive. Turning to devine favor, unique abilities, and even magic and dark magic later on, they each come with a new problem. As she finds unlikely friends, and deals with unthinkable betrayals, she struggles to finally stand tall and place herself in a position of power where her true abilities could finally shine.

This is NOT a revenge story, but that isn’t to say the main character magically forgives people either.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyHorrorIsekaiMartial ArtsPsychologicalSlice of Life
Abusive Characters Adventurers Age Progression Aggressive Characters Alternate World Appearance Changes Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Child Abuse Child Protagonist Childish Protagonist Depression Family Conflict God-human Relationship Harsh Training Reincarnation Slow Growth at Start Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Transported into Another World Weak Protagonist Weak to Strong Younger Sisters
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    Not sure how to say it but this feels so bland and stupid at times. The MC is supposedly being tortured to grow because people only value strength and she is weak and frail. Apparently according to the author people who only value strength don't understand how to make someone grow strong other than torturing them which just seems stupid on so many degrees. One would assume that people who only value physical strength in a world of magic would have invented and discovered means and method to make themselves stronger than regular people. But I guess everyone in the kingdom the MC is is too dumb to do that. 

    There aren't explanations to things that are happening in the story, they just are and that's all you get. Most of the stuff seems like plot convenience and that just seems lazy writing to me. For example,  


    The MC the story starts with the MC being trained to wield a heavy sword which she cannot even lift above her head and the reason mentioned by author in the comments is that knives are not honorable and they only have war crossbows which are also heavy. Oh also there are no speed builds as well since you cannot be fast if you aren't equally strong.


    Magic is described as banned in their kingdom especially for nobles which again looks like a plot convenience. In a world of magic do you really think that a kingdom can even be established let alone exist when it prohibits the use of it? It makes sense if it is being controlled and regular people cannot use them but apparently a kingdom can come into existence without using magic in a world full of magic and beasts. 

    And if you say they much have methods to make themselves physically strong, then again it's a moot point since they only know torture as a way to increase strength as we can see after looking at the MC. If there are other things then they aren't even mentioned and everything is left to good old "the plot needed it" method.

    Tldr: if you are interested in a sob story without actual world building and are ok with stuff happening because it was needed to drive the plot then this might be for you. 

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    Status: c74

    It has what seems like a good plot developing with great character development. However, Jesus Christ the amount of abuse and the sheer amount of time that is spent on just about 2 weeks makes me feel like it's never going to actually go anywhere (all 74 chapters I read take place over about 2 weeks).


    At chapter 74 we have seen some of her inherent magic with minimal explanation, and only now has is she finally getting any magic lessons even though it has been in the synopsis since the begining.


    Just doesn't have the draw to keep me reading but seems like it will be good in the long term.

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    Status: ch 123

    The pacing is a bit slow, but it fits with the story. All of the content that is covered feels relevant, and continues to build on itself as the story progresses. There are unexpected turns, but never in a bad way. While it is dark at times, the heartwarming moments make up for it, and the character development is really fun to watch.

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